Is this Will Geer on The Waltons or something else?

He was in Westerns, sitcoms and cop shows before and during his time as Grandpa Zeb.


Will Geer will forever be remembered as lovable Grandpa Zeb in The Waltons. The character's kind-hearted but mischievous nature was the same as the man who played him. But that wasn't always the case for Geer’s characters. After all, the veteran actor was in showbusiness for decades and even survived being blacklisted in the 1950s. He was bound to play a few bad apples!

Here are a few images of Will Geer from around the time he starred on The Waltons. Can you guess which ones are from that show and which ones are not?

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  1. What is Will Geer in here?
  2. What is Will Geer in here?
  3. What is Will Geer in here?
  4. What is Will Geer in here?
  5. What is Will Geer in here?
  6. What is Will Geer in here?
  7. What is Will Geer in here?
  8. What is Will Geer in here?
  9. What is Will Geer in here?
  10. What is Will Geer in here?
  11. What is Will Geer in here?
  12. What is Will Geer in here?

Is this Will Geer on The Waltons or something else?

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Blcakandwhitetvfan 3 months ago
He was on an episode of Marcus Welby, MD where a little girl was being haunted by voodoo. I was I think 11 years old when that aired. It triggered a nightmare in me that night that was so intense, and it happened again every few months well into my teens. My mom finally took me to our family doctor and his advice was to keep me so busy during the day that I would be so tired my mind would not have time to make nightmares. He was basically right, but they still occurred but less frequently as I aged.
Blcakandwhitetvfan 3 months ago
I got 10 out of 12. Even though he was a Communist radical, I suspect we still could have gotten along and agreed to disagree. He had such a disarming personality, how could you not like him. I had a very dear friend pass away on 2018 and he could have been his brother they looked so much alike and LOL were about on the same political spectrum too. But I could never stay mad at him either. He was pretty famous in t he opera world but to me he was just my friend.
EllisClevenger 42 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
Did you dance through this quiz or did you miss a few steps?
Missed #8 and #12
Tommy 42 months ago
12/12. Did he start acting late in life? Only remember seeing him around the age...Waltons Jeremiah Johnson Gunsmoke etc
Michael Tommy 26 months ago
He got caught in the blacklist, so lost opportunity for some time.

He was a stage actor, setting up a theatre in his garden so he had somewhere to perform. He was in 1954's "Salt of the Earth" about a mining strike, and many involved were on the blacklist.

Slowly in the sixties he got acting jobs on tv and in movies. He was in Seconds with Rock Hudson.

His most well known role was on the Waltons, and that happened about the time he was getting visibility.
JewelsChuck 42 months ago
11/12...I got #8 wrong because he’s usually not wearing the jacket.
Greg 42 months ago
10/12. MeTV you forgot to throw one of him playing Dr. Heidemann from A Stitch In Crime on Columbo.
JewelsChuck Greg 42 months ago
He was also on an episode of Daniel Boon too.
CrazySingingChick 43 months ago
7/12... there were a couple I should have known were from The Waltons and I’m kicking myself for it now.
Newyorkcitygal 43 months ago
11/12 I loved the Waltons. Will Geer was a great actor.
Brian 43 months ago
The Grampa Walton character MADE that show.
CrazySingingChick Brian 43 months ago
He was the best!!!
dmzabooo 43 months ago
Only missed one. The one that stumped me was that risqué photo of Greer shirtless #9 (well kinda) who could’ve imagined CBS airing such a shot of grandpa Walton shirtless back in the 1970’s? That show wasn’t the eye candy job like Charlie’s angels. lol.
Brian DMZABO 43 months ago
Ohhhh, yeahhhh, we all remember Farrah in Charlie's Angels and her, um, uh, "gum drops" driving guys crazy back in the 70's, which is why her poster sold so well. My freshman-year roommate put that poster up even before he finished unpacking.
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