How well do you know the career of Ralph Waite from The Waltons?

The Waltons star was in everything from blockbusters to soap operas.


Ralph Waite became everyone’s favorite TV dad when The Waltons premiered in 1972. His kind and knowledgeable demeanor brought a sense of comfort to millions of Americans young and old.

But Waite was much more than John Walton. He acted alongside greats like Paul Newman and Jack Nicholson, appeared all over classic television and continued acting into his 80s.

How well do you know Waite’s long career? See if you can guess all the movies, shows and trivia below!

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  1. Ralph Waite was in which 1960s Paul Newman classic?
  2. Before The Waltons, Waite appeared in an episode of which Western series?
  3. Waite played Jack Nicholson's brother in which 1970 film?
  4. Waite appeared in two episodes of which historical 1970s miniseries?
  5. Like all the children, Ralph Waite first starred in "The Homecoming: A Christmas Story" before The Waltons.
  6. How many episodes of The Waltons did Ralph Waite direct?
  7. How many Emmy Awards did Ralph Waite win for The Waltons?
  8. Ralph Waite was in every season of The Waltons.
  9. The 1980 film ‘On the Nickel’ is significant for Ralph Waite because…
  10. Waite was in which 1990s Kevin Costner movie?
  11. How many Waltons reunion movies was Ralph Waite in?
  12. Ralph Waite's last acting role was Father Matt on which soap opera?

How well do you know the career of Ralph Waite from The Waltons?

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RobertM 24 months ago
He also played a priest falsely accused of armed robbery in the TV movie "The Gentleman Bandit", as well as appearing on an episode of "Murder: She Wrote".
MarkSpeck 43 months ago
Does anyone else remember The Mississippi? It was a lawyer show that Ralph Waite starred in on CBS in the Spring of 1984. He played a Matlock-style lawyer who traveled on his own steamboat down the Mississippi River defending murder suspects, aided by two former clients of his, a young lady played by Linda G. Miller (Jackie Gleason's daughter and Jason Patric's Mom) and Stan Shaw from Roots. I liked this show.
dingopossum 44 months ago
Tracye 44 months ago
Ok 7/13 which stinks because I love Ralph Waite. Did anyone see the movie "Angel City " he was amazing in it. I cry whenever I watch it.
BigE 44 months ago
8 of 12. Let's not forget he played Jethro LeRoy Gibbs's father on NCIS.
dingopossum 44 months ago
The waltons was 1 of the best family series ever...the Andy Griffith show, The Golden girls....
UTZAAKE 44 months ago
Ralph Waite played the paternal grandfather of FBI agent Seeley Booth in FOX's Bones. He was also a Bucknell University graduate (Go Bison!).
TheDavBow3 44 months ago
6 right. 50%, I'll take it. Lota guesses
wrialhuden 44 months ago
I got 9 of 12. I remember his role well in Cool Hand Luke. Tears welled up in his eyes when he was getting prepped for a night in the box.

The true/false question about Ralph appearing in every season of the Waltons tripped me up. I figured he didn't appear at all in the final season, but he must have appeared in a few episodes, I suppose...
Big3Fan 44 months ago
8/12 I was on a steady climb up Waltons Mountain. I stumbled on number seven 7, I gained my composure but tripped again on number 10, and was in a freefall through numbers 11 and 12. Goodnight Reckless, Calico, Blue, Chance, Rover, Lance and Myrtle.
Irish 44 months ago
I missed three. I was surprised to learn that Mr. Waite was an ordained minister.
Randall 44 months ago
No question about NCIS. Shameful, as a fan of that show since it's inception the Episode in which we meet Gibbs dad is Heartwarming! The scene in which he presents gibbs with the car is the first time you see gibbs break character and grin ear to ear must see tv!!!
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