Are these the names of real Bugs Bunny shorts or did we make them up?

Can you ace this wascawwy, hare-brained quiz?


Image: The Everett Collection

The brilliant minds behind Bugs Bunny never met a pun they didn’t love. The iconic Looney Tunes character can be seen in dozens of theatrical shorts created over more than 20 years and many of them feature rabbit-tastic puns as their titles.

Here’s a sampling of some funny bunny and very pun-y titles. Can you guess which ones come from actual Bugs Bunny shorts and which ones we made up?

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  1. Hare Remover
  2. Hare Pollution
  3. What’s Opera, Doc?
  4. Bunny Nose
  5. Water, Water Every Hare
  6. Mutiny on the Bunny
  7. Hare and Now
  8. Rabbit of Seville
  9. Take Carrot Yourself
  10. Hare Your Grievances
  11. Tortoise Wins by a Hare
  12. The Bunny-volent King
  13. Hare on the Side of Caution
  14. Rabbit Transit
  15. Bunny You Should Say That
  16. The Hare-Brained Hypnotist
  17. Hot Cross Bunny
  18. Daily Rabbits
  19. Roman Legion-Hare
  20. A Fond Hare-Well

Are these the names of real Bugs Bunny shorts or did we make them up?

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TheFanFromUNCLE 10 months ago
Aced it! I know that wascally wabbit well!
John 43 months ago
20/20. Half the time, I could actually remember details from the real cartoon, just from hearing the titles, even though it's been 20+ years since I've seen some of them.
AlF 43 months ago
19 for 20. "Hare and Now"...
nemalki 43 months ago
20/20 on my very first try.

Man, some of these would be GREAT titles for Bugs Bunny shorts. Well done, doc!
geatornez82 43 months ago
19/20. I missed "Hot Cross Bunny."
jwj 43 months ago
17/20 own all the loony tunes on DVD , after see the cartoons they make now I made my kids watch these. Also the names of the classical music that was played during the cartoon usually had something to do with what was going on in the cartoon, my granddad pointed that out to me
frances3agape 43 months ago
When wayyyy younger, I was ashamed to admit that MOST of my classical music knowledge came from tv and cartoons. Now I joke and admit it like a badge of honor!
By the time I met Hubby, lo and behold, he had season symphony tickets! Going was one of our early dates and I felt like a total bumpkin.
But the toons are GREAT intros for kids. (Ok, AND adults). *
Nothing compares to "What's Opera, Doc?" although "The Rabbit of Seville" is close.
For full-length, Disney's "Fantasia" is still Number One.

* BTW, I was in college before I learned that the theme from THE LONE RANGER was Rossini's "William Tell Overture"!
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frances3agape texasluva 43 months ago
Have to google... don't know if that is 1, 2 or 3 pieces !
Oh, FUR ELISE is soooooo RELAXING !
frances3agape texasluva 43 months ago
Ahh.... have to SMILE listening to BEW !
Love it ❤️ Brings back great memories....Thank you 😉
frances3agape 43 months ago
18 of 20.
Guessed (and missed) Rabbit Transit and Hot Cross Bunny.
Initially disappointed in myself.
But, on second thought, it was harder than I expected
idkwut2use 43 months ago
17, and the mistakes were dumb; should’ve done better.
EllisClevenger 43 months ago
You got 17 out of 20
Do you carrot all for these results?
Missed #12, #14, and #20
Brother14 43 months ago
20/20 if my vision were this..... At least my memory is hanging in there not bad for a 54 yr old
cperrynaples 43 months ago
19/20! Missed 14 because the term "rabid transit" wasn't in common use when these cartoons were made!
frances3agape cperrynaples 43 months ago
?? not even NYC subway rapid transit ??
I was thinking of Duke Ellington's "Take the A Train" from the 1940s while guessing
MarkSpeck 43 months ago
20 out of 20. SOMEONE had to pay attention to all those titles!
bnichols23 43 months ago
Unfair Advantage Dept., being a Loony Tunes type since I was a tyke.
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