Is this Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman or something else?

Is she playing the mighty Diana Prince or a different Seventies role?


Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman was a Seventies icon and still stands out among the smorgasbord of superheroes onscreen today. Though her comic book-inspired costume is instantly recognizable, her alter ego Diana Prince blends in more with a crowd. 

Diana also changed her look or wore disguises, depending on the mission. We’ve taken scenes from Wonder Woman and mixed them up with some of Lynda Carter’s other Seventies roles. Can you tell Diana Prince apart from the others?

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  1. What show is this?
  2. Is Lynda playing the guitar in Wonder Woman or something else?
  3. What is this from?
  4. This advanced (for the Seventies) technological setup is from...
  5. What show is this?
  6. Is this from Wonder Woman or something else?
  7. What is this scene from?
  8. What is Lynda Carter in here?
  9. Is this Diana in fur or not?
  10. What is this from?
  11. Is this from Wonder Woman or something else?
  12. What is Lynda in here?

Is this Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman or something else?

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GTStang08 25 months ago
11/12...I must've watched a lot of Wonder Woman as a youth. These quizzes help take my mind off all the negative events of these days. Happy Memorial Day! Lest we forget. Be encouraged folks!

Lillyrose 27 months ago
12 out of 12.
LmerFudd Lillyrose 27 months ago
You must have watched it back in the day.
dmirarh 27 months ago
You got 8 out of 12. I took this quiz only because I enjoy looking at Linda.
Keith 27 months ago
10/12 I didn't realize Lynda appeared on Starsky & Hutch so many times and MeTV needs to bring back the series.
LmerFudd 27 months ago
That curly wig in #11 is not a good look for Lynda.
Terrence 27 months ago
You have to look at the hairstyle
JDWJDW2 27 months ago
I ALWAYS enjoyed watching Wonder Woman when I was a teenager with my raging hormones. I ENJOYED how she filled out her Wonder Woman costume and I always wanted to get in that suit with her in it.
DIGGER1 27 months ago
Is this Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman or something else?
You got 12 out of 12
Could you have used more data tapes on this quiz or did you input all the right answers?
Kergooliewyn 27 months ago
I am compelled to tell the truth. I only got 7/10. Not real good. Considering Wonder Woman is my favorite.
Pacificsun 27 months ago
She's one of the most beautiful women ever.
LmerFudd Pacificsun 27 months ago
100% agree Stunning then and stunning now.
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