Can you guess the Collector's Call collection by the zoomed-in photo?

Collect a great score as you identify these unique and valuable items!


We've taken items from some truly spectacular collections in the past seasons and zoomed in on them. Can you guess what collection they were from?

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Sundays at 6:30 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
  1. This rare item is part of a set worth a staggering $1 million.
  2. Covered in Swarovski Crystals, this item was procured in Japan.
  3. This item appeared on the big screen.
  4. This item is especially rare because it was shortly pulled from shelves.
  5. This comes from a World Record-holding collection.
  6. And so does this one!
  7. This item was made for a film, but ended up not being used.
  8. This collection has an additional MeTV connection.
  9. We'll give you a hint: this is a pinball machine.
  10. This item may be tricky, consider all the clues...

Can you guess the Collector's Call collection by the zoomed-in photo?

Your Result...

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dmirarh 24 months ago
Here's the score you collected: 8 correct
Oldielover 24 months ago
Ooomph!...Got only 2 right--...which were guesses!!....Kudos for the hard quiz,MeTV!!
327053 25 months ago
1/10 I don’t know what happened 🤷‍♂️
Honest 25 months ago
I was able to receive 8 out of 10. I was surprised and pleased.
RichLorn 25 months ago
This felt like being in an episode of Land of the Giants.
CouchPotato19 25 months ago
7/10 some guesses thrown in for good measure.
Oh, and that first Disney one is creepy looking! I thought it was from Leprechaun!
Mob39 25 months ago
5/10 I guess and only got half right
ItalGal68 25 months ago
Yay, "Collector's Call" is back...but does that mean "The Facts of Life" will be returning to MeTV so there is a Lisa Whelchel connection? I'm not a big fan, but maybe show it on Sunday. Here's a suggestion: The 2 hour "Full House" line up changes to "Different Strokes"/"Facts Of Life"/"Growing Pains"/"Full House" OR put "FOL" on the 1/2 hour before "Collector's Call" - there's enough Andy and Opie on the weekdays! "Full House" has "grown" on me, but now it feels like a grapevine! 1/2 hour is enough!
BrentwoodJon 25 months ago
Me too 10 for 10 got them all wrong.
TheOnlyONE 25 months ago
10/10. That one was actually a challenge.
Dayna 25 months ago
I got 5 right. I guessed a lot.
kkvegas 25 months ago
I gave up half-way through. The only knew one answer for sure; I recognized Mr. Green and Mrs. Peacock from my childhood Clue game.
MikefromJersey 25 months ago
2 for 10, which stinks because then Billy Mumy wishes
you into the cornfield on the Oliver Douglas farm.
If you got 10 right he wishes you into the water tower to skinny dip with
the Bradley sisters on Petticoat Junction.
No correct answers and you have to skinny dip instead with Uncle Joe,
Sam Drucker and Mr. Haney, with Arnold pulling lifeguard duty.
Aaaah! So glad I got 6 right. Seeing Uncle Joe nakked would scar me for life (shudders). But since the MeTV viewing audience isn’t all male I think we need to have a alternate perfect 10 prize.
Aha, I note you didn't complain about that eye candy for the ladies, Mr. Haney.
An alternate perfect 10 prize for the distaff posters here?
If we have to stick to the men of MeTV, how about a day in Manhattan
with Peter Gunn. Tour MOMA in the morn, lunch at Peter Lugers, libations
at the Oak Bar at Cary Grant's table where he held court for years with the
greatest stars in the world including presidents(seen at start of North by
On to the Literary Walking Tour of the Village that starts at the legendary White Horse.
Din din at a Italian restaurant, then a carriage ride thru Central Park, with The
Cartwright's riding escort to ward off the stray mugger as Adam serenades the
couple on his guitar.
Gunn then takes you back to your suite at The Plaza, and as the Aussies say,
"bob's your uncle".
Or you could opt again for the skinny dip with Uncle Joe, Haney and Drucker.
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