Is this Lisa Whelchel in The Facts of Life or something else?

Can you tell Blair Warner apart from her other Eighties roles?


Image: The Everett Collection

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Lisa Whelchel became a household name after starring in over 200 episodes of the hit sitcom The Facts of Life. She played rich heiress Blair Warner, whose outgoing personality sometimes clashed with the other girls at Eastland boarding school. Over the course of the series, though, Blair grew extremely close to her classmates.

Over nine seasons, the show went through different phases, following the characters after graduation and beginning young adulthood. It was much more than just a high school comedy.

Lisa Whelchel was part of The New Mickey Mouse Club in 1977 and appeared in a few movies and shows before becoming Blair Warner. She also guest starred on other shows throughout the Eighties.

Try to guess if the images below are from The Facts of Life or something else!

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  1. Is this from 'The Facts of Life' or not?
  2. What is Lisa in here?
  3. What is this from?
  4. This scene is from...
  5. What is Lisa in here?
  6. Do you know what this scene is from?
  7. Is this from 'The Facts of Life' or not?
  8. This totally Eighties look is from...
  9. What is this scene from?
  10. What is Lisa in here?
     Image: The Everett Collection

Is this Lisa Whelchel in The Facts of Life or something else?

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DanDo77 24 months ago
5/10, but #9 is a trick question because she is the same character, Blair. I should know more but I didn't become a Lisa Whelechel fan until a few years ago. The one show I did not see her in on this quiz was Hallmark Channel's "For Better or for Worse", but probably because she was much older by then. I'm glad METV brought back Collector's call.
Randomdude09 DanDo77 20 months ago
It's also tricky because Facts of Life & Diff'rent Strokes have the same picture quality.
2103634076 25 months ago
Wow, she’s still lovely. 8 of 10.
dmirarh 25 months ago
Love Lisa, she is so hot even today. Glad her show is back on.
SheriHeffner 25 months ago
And I watched Twirl. She starred with the late Erin Moran.
SheriHeffner 25 months ago
I can remember her on The New Mickey Mouse Club. She was and still is a very good actress. And she can sing very well also. And she's still very pretty.
SheriHeffner 25 months ago
She also starred as the older sister of a twelve year old girl who was paralyzed and in a wheelchair in a movie called Skyward. It also starred Bette Davis as an airplane instructor. The young girl learned to fly an airplane using hand held instruments.
FLETCH 25 months ago
6 out of 10

Are we sure #5 is Lisa?? Doesn't much look like her
LoveMETV22 FLETCH 25 months ago
I think a lot of others were thinking the same thing.
It looks like they got the image from IMDb's image gallery for "The Facts of Life":
BuckeyeBeth7 FLETCH 23 months ago
I thought the same thing but like LoveMETV22 said, it is on IMDb’s Facts Of Life page. But honestly I’ve seen mistakes on there so I usually consider IMDb to be about 99.0% correct. It honestly does look like a actress who was prolific in the 80s and 90s (but whose name escapes me right now) but I do think it is just a combination of Lisa’s facial expression and the image being caught just at the right angle that kind of makes it look like someone else. Due to the angle, her face looks thinner and chin pointier in this photo than in reality. But the eyecolor is Lisa’s and the hair length is consistent for the Facts Of Life years. It looks like she might be expressing compassion here, which Blair didn’t do that much, so the expression does looks a bit foreign to us 😆.
VanHalen 25 months ago
Glad to see that the show and Lisa will be back.
She is a "good Kid."
timothys71 25 months ago
7/10. Some were educated guesses, as I know her mostly from "The Facts Of Life" and "Collectors' Call." I too thought there might have been a clip of her in "The New Mickey Mouse Club." That group of Mouseketeers made an appearance in the Super Bowl XI halftime show in January 1977, and to my surprise, Lisa had darker hair. (BTW, that halftime show can be seen on YouTube.)
Sally 25 months ago
6/10 Guessed a lot of them...obviously not well. LOL
Steve67 25 months ago
#9 should have counted
Dayna 25 months ago
8/10 I forgot she was on Different Strokes.
SheriHeffner Dayna 25 months ago
That was the one question I missed. She was a cigarette smoking Rebel. But in real life Lisa is a non smoker.
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