How well do you remember the 'Wagon Train' series finale 'The Jarbo Pierce Story'?

Just about the entire episode is a flashback Charlie is having. Can you travel back in time with Charlie and ace this quiz?


For eight seasons beginning in 1957, Wagon Train was a staple on any given television screen and its Western status has stood the test of time.

Over those eight years, going from Missouri to California in the old American West wasn't an easy thing to do. Characters came and went, wagon masters changed and an all-time classic series was cemented. 

How well do you remember "The Jarbo Pierce Story," the final episode of Wagon Train?

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  1. In the beginning of the episode, what location is on the sign that sits along the river?
  2. In the episode, which actor plays Jarbo Pierce?
  3. What is the name of Jarbo's brother?
  4. What does he want to take out of Jarbo's trading post?
  5. Jarbo's brother comes across his horse in a pen now for sale. How much does the horse cost?
  6. This character, played by character actor Lee Philips, helps Jarbo's brother with his debts and gives him an unethical job. What is his name?
  7. Jarbo is offering medical help to someone in need, causing his brother to scoff. What is Jarbo helping with?
  8. How does Jarbo's brother repay this man?
  9. Who takes the first swing in a fight between Jarbo and his brother towards the end of the episode?
  10. Who says the final word in the episode?

How well do you remember the 'Wagon Train' series finale 'The Jarbo Pierce Story'?

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JERRY6 19 months ago
6 of 10 not bad as i never saw the episode
dkosich 20 months ago
The Jarbo Pierce Story was an unsold pilot that had little, if anything, to do with Wagon Train. Universal Studios only aired it as part of a contractual commitment to deliver a certain number of episodes in the final season. Frank McGrath appeared in it as part of the pilot based on the movie "Bend of the River." The last episode ever filmed for "Wagon Train" was "The Indian Girl." It was filmed after filming had shut down for the series altogether at Universal Studios. A group was hastily called together again to meet the contractual commitment of Universal Studios to deliver final episodes to ABC. I am a journalist and western TV/film historian writing Terry Wilson's biography, which will be published next year. While MeTV created a fun quiz about the failed "Jarbo Pierce" pilot--which was never picked up for a series--it doesn't quite jive with the facts behind the true final episode of "Wagon Train," which starred Terry Wilson as Bill Hawks and featured Frank McGrath, Michael Burns, Michael Pate, John Lupton, and Robert Pine, with cameos by Robert Fuller and Ernest Borgnine (who was the guest star of the very first "Wagon Train" episode that began the series on NBC.)

lighthouse5 20 months ago
I just left a comment.
jmike CharSchreffler 20 months ago
I see that you did and want to thank you for sharing it.
lighthouse5 20 months ago
I got 5 out of 10 with Mama's Family. Wagon Train I got 9 out of 10 with Wagon Train , Harbor Pierce Story.
Todd 20 months ago
7 is pretty good for just guessing
lgs 20 months ago
Why doesn’t MeTV show any of the color episodes of Wagon Train?
MrsPhilHarris 20 months ago
6/10 I don’t recall seeing the finale.🤔
Big3Fan 20 months ago
Not well at all. Missed three. I knew Rory Calhoun. Tom Simcox played Adam. The rest were lucky and unlucky guesses. Wagons ho!
BrianMoore 20 months ago
Technically, this isn't the series finale. The show moved to a different network and was an hour and a half in length, which is why they're not shown on MeTV. It would take up two hours of air time.
lgs BrianMoore 20 months ago
Thanks for the info.
Moody 20 months ago
6/10. Not too bad considering I don't remember watching the final episode.
texasluva 20 months ago
4 out of 10-It's obvious I do not remember this episode.
kathyo 20 months ago
6/10 for guesses... i watch it but havent seen this one yet
teire 20 months ago
2 right guesses. I did not know a single one.
tnminnow 20 months ago
4/10 I missed the Wagon Train.w🤠
retro6 20 months ago
4/10. I know a lot of episodes but apparently I couldn’t recall seeing this one
cperrynaples 20 months ago
A strange fact about WT: It expanded to 90 minutes in color for season 7, but went back to black-and-white hours for the final season! MeTV even ran the color episodes on the Saturday Western roundup!
lgs cperrynaples 20 months ago
Thanks for the info.
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