How well do you know these Leave It to Beaver sports situations?

Will you knock this quiz out of the park?

Wally Cleaver, played by Tony Dow, will always be remembered as the classic All-American boy. He embodied the suburban teenage lifestyle for the time by balancing school, a younger sibling, growing pains and athletics.

Wally’s character was well-rounded and Leave It to Beaver didn’t hesitate to shine a light on his sports-related achievements, referencing his scoring in football and basketball or out-running the competition on the track. He even tried his hand at coaching! 

Beaver didn't hesitate to take a swing or put on a helmet either. 

Where Wally and the Beaver went, some form of trouble was certainly going to follow, and there was no exception when it came to sports. 

Whether in the driveway, field or on the court, can you answer these sports-related questions from Leave It to Beaver? 

Don't fumble your answers! 

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  1. Wally and Beaver use their own money to buy Ward a new hunting jacket. Ward thinks they skipped school to purchase what sports-related accessory?
  2. Ward gets jealous when the boys play basketball at the Dennison's house. He builds a hoop in the Cleaver driveway, but what's wrong with it?
  3. Even after the hoop is fixed, the neighborhood boys leave the Cleaver's driveway for the Dennison's. Can you recall why?
  4. Who takes the swing that breaks the Cleaver's house window, when the boys are playing baseball in the street?
  5. With one window already broken, Beaver takes a swing and breaks another. What window does he break?
  6. Wally is admiring a fake home run he hit, when a man walking on the street tries to find what Wally is looking at. What does he say to the man?
  7. Why does Lumpy threaten Beaver after a game of baseball?
  8. Wally and Eddie become coaches for Beaver's team. What sport are they calling plays for?
  9. After horsing around in the locker room, Wally is off the team for a week. What sport is he kicked off of?
  10. Why doesn't Beaver want to go to his football award ceremony, after being excited about it up until the night of the banquet?
  11. Since Lumpy's car is having trouble, Ward lets him drive the Cleaver car to a sporting event. With Wally and Beaver riding along, what event are they returning from when Lumpy goes off the main road and damages Ward's car?
  12. With high expectations in the Cleaver household, Beaver goes out for what team sport at school, only to find he may not live up to the Wally Cleaver standard?

How well do you know these Leave It to Beaver sports situations?

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Coldnorth 6 months ago
Oh the shame. Got 3 right and they were guesses. LITB was not my favorite show. I see the appeal for viewers though
robyni23 8 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Swish! You knocked down this quiz with excellent form!
Missed #4
STTOS 8 months ago
You got 12 out of 12 - Swish! You knocked down this quiz with excellent form! Woohoo!! Easy-peasy.
The one where Ward hogs the ball is the same episode where June puts mayonnaise on Eddie's sandwich after he specifically said he did NOT want any mayo.
SoCal72 9 months ago
11/12. I forgot that it was Ward hogging the basketball and not Eddie missing shots, that caused the boys to leave. Meanwhile, he continued to miss them over at the Denison's because June put mayo in his sandwich.
texasluva 10 months ago
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texasluva 10 months ago
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Hopefully, Moody will be able to participate in our MQ tonite 😉
He would but in Italy and it would be like 3 to 4 A.M. in the morning. I did give him the last two just the other day plus extra movie. I think he is coming back for visit late Dec or Jan then later in April returning here for some months.
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
Tonight's location to the MQ- Was this a Perry Mason case or a 1950s horror film?
texasluva KJExpress 9 months ago
Tonight's location to the MQ- Was this a Perry Mason case or a 1950s horror film?
AllisonWunderland 10 months ago
How ‘bout that? I’m here…..
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Some of the stories are quite good. I will have to say, though....that's where they run the obits and as I never watch/read/listen to the news anymore, that's how I find out about the passing of our older celebs, i.e. ones I actually know or have heard of.
Lol…You sound like me with the “so called” news 🤨 Thanks to you, now all I have to do is read the Stories section👍
Glad I could help! 🙃
Tonight's location to the MQ- Was this a Perry Mason case or a 1950s horror film?
Newyorkcitygal 10 months ago
12/12 I know my favorite show!!!
Coldnorth 10 months ago
Too embarrassed to admit my sorry score.
KellyTenace 10 months ago
Leave it to Beaver was such a gentle, well written comedy. Nothing like much of the slapstick or similar of the era. Even the Andy Griffith Show, which certainly had some gentle to it, never would have been as funny without Don Knotts who, funny as he was, was a bit slapstick. Leave it to Beaver was and still is a really an under-rated show and, IHMO really stands up better than most comedies from that era.
dodgebob 10 months ago
I did really well, I only missed 6, but I got #6 right.
F5Twitster 10 months ago
SOMEBODY doesn't know how to write the possessive form of plurals in English.

It's CLEAVERS' and DENNISONS', not "cleaver's" and "Dennison's."

HOW do such people find employment writing this kind of thing, or anything?
Mac2Nite F5Twitster 10 months ago
Easy does it... Ward Cleaver would not be pleased.
KellyTenace F5Twitster 10 months ago
You must be fun at parties.
LoveMETV22 Mac2Nite 10 months ago
I think he/she/it secretly works for MeTV, and comes back to correct grammar, punctuation, etc.... mistakes. As if anyone cares.
JHP LoveMETV22 10 months ago
if you or anyone is a monty python fan

"this must be the Spanish inquisition"
LoveMETV22 JHP 10 months ago
Huge Monty Python fan. I wouldn't connect Monty Python as they're not concerned with pedantics. If anything they incorporate it into their skits in a fun manner.
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