How well do you know the life and career of David Hedison?

"Sea" how well you know this actor!

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Here's an actor who wasn't willing to sail on just his good looks. In fact, he sunk! Or, more accurately, he submerged as Commander Lee Crane on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea! David Hedison has had a long and storied career on stage and the screen, both silver and small.

Hedison worked in each of seven consecutive decades, beginning with the 1950s. But how well do you know that work? Maybe you're more familiar with David Hedison than you thought! Give it a go; it's an exploratory mission, so there's plenty to learn!

  1. David Hedison was the father-in-law to which of the following stars?
  2. In addition to collaborating with Irwin Allen on "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," Hedison starred in which Allen feature?
  3. Speaking of Irwin Allen, which Allen-directed movie did Hedison regret turning down?
  4. What was the name of the vessel Hedison boarded as Captain Lee Crane on "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (TV Series)?
  5. Hedison played three different characters in three different episodes of which detective series?
  6. Which of these was David Hedison's first TV appearance?
  7. To appease his father, Hedison attended which University for three years?
  8. "Voyage" had 110 episodes. What was the show that had the second-largest number of Hedison appearances?
  9. "Help me! Help meeeeee!" What was Hedison's character's name in 1958's "The Fly?"
  10. How was Hedison credited for his role in "The Fly?"

How well do you know the life and career of David Hedison?

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