Are these titles of Kolchak episodes or Svengoolie movies?

Think you know the difference?

One investigates unlikely crimes with mysterious causes. The other presents horror and sci-fi movies for your viewing pleasure. It should be pretty easy, then, to tell them apart, right?

How well do you remember the titles of Kolchak: The Night Stalker episodes? Or maybe your knowledge of all things low-budget and classic horror will carry you over the Svengoal-line. 

Proceed with caution, if you dare. What follows is a trip through all things macabre as you figure out which titles belong to Kolchak, and which are movies shown by Svengoolie!

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  1. "Konga"
  2. "The Land Unknown"
  3. "The Devil's Platform"
  4. "The Devil's Rain"
  5. "Horror in the Heights"
  6. "Primal Scream"
  7. "The Deadly Mantis"
  8. "The Monolith Monsters"
  9. "The Ghoul"
  10. "The Ripper"

Are these titles of Kolchak episodes or Svengoolie movies?

Your Result...

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greyhound 5 days ago
10/10 I own the whole box set of Night Stalker d.v.d.'s.
Jacki 8 days ago
10/10 Love the Night Stalker shows.
Lacey 12 days ago
Thought I would ace this one but got the last question wrong.
texasluva 13 days ago

KJExpress Sung the Song and verse came out our MQ- Congrats KJE!
A Summer Place (1959) 2 hr 10 min-Drama--Romance-
Delmer Daves
Richard Egan---Dorothy McGuire---Sandra Dee---Arthur Kennedy---Troy Donahue-
A self-made businessman rekindles a romance with a former flame while their two teenage children begin a romance of their own with drastic consequences for both couples.
texasluva texasluva 13 days ago
A small error in judgement. the link do not put the 2 dashes in the browser or period at the end.
texasluva texasluva 13 days ago
texasluva 13 days ago
Movie Quiz Friday 05/19/2023

Despite being almost overwhelmingly melodramatic when treating the subject of sex in the context of its time, X XXXXXX XXXX manages to rise above the soap suds when dealing with mismatched parents and a rekindled love affair that almost destroys everyone's happiness.
It's all very lush looking in magnificent color, a xxxx Island resort in Maine photographed principally in Northern California along the Monterey coast. Whenever emotions soar, whether quiet emotions or full throttled ones, XXX XXXXXX music is there ready to lend a helping hand.
As the teen-aged lovers, (X and X) are just as photogenic as the landscapes they're photographed against, especially when the color cameras turn their close inspection on the two bronzed, blue-eyed stars. While not quite as photogenic, these parents are quietly having a love affair of their own which must be kept hidden from their respective spouses until a showdown that leads to a rather satisfying conclusion.
Once the music and opening credits roll everyone will know this movie and it's theme.

Entertainment Time--

Good Vibrations the Lost Studio Footage--

"Lovely But Lethal" in 13 Minutes--

Spring, 1962: A Day in the Life of a 7-Year-Old Boy (party lines, antenna TV, dirt roads)--

Old Movie Stars Dance to Michael Jackson--

Arlene Francis Favorites--

The Beatles - Help! [Blackpool Night Out, ABC Theatre, Blackpool, United Kingdom]--

Now if you are wondering what might be hitting your Screens on Saturday.
Key Largo (1948) 3.1G file & Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (1958)
Sunday You're going to have to load up your courage--
Cape Fear (1991) & The Poseidon Adventure (1972)-

Bonus Movies--

Night Passage-(1957)-1 hr 30 min- Action---Adventure---Drama-
James Neilson
James Stewart---Audie Murphy---Dan Duryea---Dianne Foster-
Elaine Stewart---Brandon De Wilde---Jay C. Flippen---Hugh Beaumont-
A fired railroad man is re-hired and trusted to carry a ten thousand dollar payroll in secret, even though he is suspected of being connected to outlaws.

Rebel Without A Cause (1955) --1 hr 51 min--DRAMA---High Def--6.4G
Nicholas Ray
James Dean---Natalie Wood---Sal Mineo---
Jim Backus=---William Hopper---Dennis Hopper-
A rebellious young man with a troubled past comes to a new town, finding friends and enemies.

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Here is something of interest for those the live on the other side of the line. Not only posters made in Canada but stories and more stories from the past.
Something as good or better about Canada during the war.
It was kind of of you to post this. Thank you. Yes Canada entered WWII in 1939 a few days after war was declared. Lots of young guys left and never came back. There were only about 11 million in the country and about 10% served. All volunteered. No conscripts. There was rationing. The good meat was sent to the troops and people had to learn to cook the hearts and whatnot. I found a ration book a few years ago for a relative. Quite fascinating. The ladies worked all sorts of jobs, including on the farms and in factories making bombs. They were called Bomb Girls. We honour them all on Remembrance Day Nov. 11th. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
Love the posters. Seeing all the fruit and veg in one of them brings to mind victory gardens. Interesting too is the victory / war bonds. I had the bonds that followed the war, called Canada Savings Bonds. The only stopped selling them in 2017 I believe.
KJExpress 13 days ago
Hello everybody! 👋🤓
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12angrymen KJExpress 2 days ago
Hi. I have been banned from MeTV for a week. I believe it was for posting the 6 photos of the funny signs.
KJExpress 12angrymen 2 days ago
Well THAT'S a little drastic. We enjoyed the signs, though. Hey, you tried.

BTW, I like your name choice. That's a great movie.
12angrymen KJExpress 2 days ago
repetitious in nature. Posting in 6 different locations of the same. From now on if there is a now on. I place for all and a link.
KJExpress 12angrymen 1 day ago
You will think of something. One post would be fine as long as we know where to look for it. Too bad we can't post to several people with one post, as in a text message. This format is really so limited.
Deleted 18 days ago
This comment has been removed.
18 days ago
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J59W 18 days ago
Pretty easy; but now and then I need this type of quiz.
Dajj 18 days ago
9/10 I should have gotten them all!
RobertK 18 days ago
10 of 10. YeeHa! Pretty easy quiz! Just what I needed, the way I've been bombing out on quizzes lately! I'm gonna try another quiz now to continue my hot streak! (One good quiz does not a "hot streak" make)…
Toot1956 18 days ago
I just love these Night Stalker shows.
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