How well do you know the inventions and businesses of Mr. Haney?

"An untrained eye may not see the practicality in these inventions," is something Mr. Haney might say while trying to sell any of these items.

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It wouldn't be a surprise if Mr. Haney from Green Acres tried selling a dollar for two dollars. The entrepreneur (conman?) comes up with new inventions left and right, and often times tries to sell Oliver Wendall Douglas on his new profound ideas and sleazy business tactics.

We've asked you to guess what Mr. Haney is selling before, but how well do you know what his businesses and inventions are meant for?

Can you recall what these inventions from Mr. Haney are meant to do?

Good luck, and be sure to read the fine print! 

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  1. What does this Haney invention, that Mrs. Ziffel is using, do?
  2. What does this holiday necktie that Haney created do?
  3. Mr. Haney tries to sell Oliver on this false-bottom suitcase. With a press of a button...
  4. This is a partial drawing of Mr. Haney's....
  5. These voodoo dolls can...
  6. This "dual-purpose" rubber lei that Mr. Haney tries to sell Oliver comes with what feature?
  7. The jar Haney is holding here contains a fluid that Lisa's uncle invented. However, that doesn't stop him from trying to capitalize on it for his own benefit! What does the liquid inside the jar do?
  8. Haney tries to convince Oliver that Lisa is going to leave him. He offers his services to help repair the marriage under the business name of...

How well do you know the inventions and businesses of Mr. Haney?

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