How well do you know the several Christmas episodes of Happy Days?

From snowed in to elaborate business plans to wholesome family moments, the Happy Days Christmas episodes just about covered it all.

Ayyyy, if several series took full advantage of holiday episodes, specifically Christmas episodes, Happy Days was certainly one of them. 

The show ran for 11 seasons, meaning there was plenty of opportunity for Christmas storylines. The series took advantage more than a few times, with five Christmas episodes. 

"Guess Who's Coming to Christmas," "Richie Branches Out," "Christmas Time," "White Christmas," and "All I Want for Christmas" are the episodes surrounding the December holiday. To say the storylines are all over the place would be an understantement. Rather than test your knowledge on one of these festive episodes, we're asking questions surrounding all of them!

Think back to the several Happy Days Christmas episodes and choose the right answer! 

  1. What Christmas decoration repeatedly hits Richie and Howard while they set it up?
  2. Ralph holds a piece of food above Wendy's head so Richie can kiss her, pretending it's mistletoe. Wendy points out what food it is, which is why she walks away and doesn't kiss Richie. What food do they pretend is mistletoe?
  3. Richie and Howard push the car to the garage, where Fonzie is still hanging around on Christmas eve. Can you recall what the issue with the car was, one Fonzie doesn't charge for?
  4. After the car is fixed, Richie sees Fonzie doing what by himself, which tells Richie he doesn't have a big party planned in Waukesha.
  5. The last bus to Waukesha was scheduled to leave at what time?
  6. After finally decorating an aluminum Christmas tree, several people end up coming home with real ones later in the episode. How many trees do the Cunninghams have, including the aluminum tree? It was enough for Fonzie to say, "Man you got a whole forest in here!"
  7. In the ''Christmas Time'' episode, how does Fonzie know his estranged father is the one who delivered his gift?
  8. In the "White Christmas" episode, the gang gets stranded at several locations due to a blizzard. Where do Howard and Joanie get stuck?
  9. Where does Fonzie get stuck during the blizzard?
  10. Richie dreams of meeting a beautiful girl on a poster in "Richie Branches Out." He pretends to be a businessman and photographer and schedules a photo shoot just to meet the girl. What was her name?

How well do you know the several Christmas episodes of Happy Days?

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