Can you guess what Mr. Haney is selling on Green Acres?

Fill in the blank on these hackneyed Haney hustles.

The classic sitcom Green Acres is filled with outrageous and oddball characters — one being the ever-persistent, scheming Mr. Haney. Most might call him a scam artist, but he would much prefer the term "entrepreneur."

Here are ten businesses Mr. Haney unveiled to Oliver on the show. Can you fill in the blank to properly label each one? 

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  1. When Oliver says he's in need of more than just a car, Mr. Haney conveniently unveils "Haney's Rent a _______"
  2. What is missing from this sign?
  3. Drucker's store is closed, so Haney provides what kind of general store?
  4. Similarly, Haney's birthday "shoppy" uses the word...
  5. Here, Haney advertises what kind of planter?
  6. Oliver says he's actually planting something else so Haney naturally pulls down a sign for a _______ planter.
  7. What is missing from this sign?
  8. Haney added "Member of the Fryer's Club" as a play on words. What is missing here?
  9. What word is missing from this wordy sign?
  10. Here, Haney advertises the "Transcontinental _________ Apple Trucking Company"

Can you guess what Mr. Haney is selling on Green Acres?

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JHP 1 month ago
Sorry guys - you musta been salesmen\women - Haney was the ultimate shy-ster damm funny.
JewelsChuck 1 month ago
7/10 I couldn’t stand Mr. Haney, he was an arts!
richardkel 1 month ago
9/10. I only watch this show occasionally. Not sure which character is more annoying- Mr. Haney, Lisa, or Eb. Oliver should probably move back to NY and leave them all in the country.
DJS3 1 month ago
I guess I should buy something from
"Haney's Handy Temporal Lobe Lube
Shoppe" so I can do better on the
next quiz!

Number 8: Fryers Club cracked me up! 😜
Evan 1 month ago
5/10. This show was surreal!
SalIanni 1 month ago
6/10. I would probably have better luck with Hank Kimball. You never know what you'll get from him either, but it's always hilarious!
richardkel SalIanni 1 month ago
At least he was basically harmless. I think that other than Oliver Wendell Douglas, Sam Drucker and Mr Ziffel were the only half-way sane characters in the show.
TheDavBow3 1 month ago
Oooh, 6/10. Not too good. Didn't think "curbside" was a thing back then 😉
Debbie 1 month ago
You got 3 out of 10
With Mr. Haney, you never know what you're going to get. Better luck next time!
Big3Fan 1 month ago
6/10 I missed numbers 2,4,6 and ten. Mr. Haney tried to sell everything way back when.
clg1960 Big3Fan 1 month ago
Yes he! He probably would’ve sold his own blood or mother 😆😄
CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
I missed 5 & 6, the "planter" questions.
texasluva 1 month ago
For never watching one whole episode I was only able to fetch 6 out of 10. Here is what I think about Green Acres:
Green Acres is not the place for me;
Gunsmoke and Dodge City the place to be;
Outer space is where I want to stay;
Watching Star Trek and Lost In Space;
TV Series, this is my life;
Arnold and Green Acres no dice.
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texasluva JHP 1 month ago
To the tune of Hot Rod Lincoln

My Pappy done said. You gonna drive me to drinking if you start a watchn' that Green Acres stinkn'
That Eddie Albert and his mate Eva Gabor along with Pig Arnold got me a thinkn'
Not even gonna start a watching cause it gets me down
When I shoulda be a laughn' just end up a frowning
Give me some meat and potatoes not some shoveling hay
Then a pig that squealing most of the day.
My Pappy was right and that is where it's gonna stay
Off of Green Acres for the rest of my living days .
JHP texasluva 1 month ago
You hit a bulls-eye with the Honeymooners - they are sealed on my DVR - just in case ME-TV pulls the plug on them - TAGS is OK and many who read my post about the show know my 2cents about it

My dream would be for SOME network to bring back Benny I have to fly to london to watch the show (thank god for Monty Python on BBC)
JHP texasluva 1 month ago
I cant stop laughing - was born in '59 and can hear that tune right now...great post! When music was creative and fun
Love the lyrics - maybe shoot it to Svengoolie?
15inchBlackandWhite 1 month ago
10/10. As a kid I was addicted to reruns of this show.
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