How well do you know the Horta episode of Star Trek?

‘The Devil in the Dark’ is one of the original series’ most memorable adventures.

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Star Trek blends the dangers and excitement of the unknown with the wonders of science and a dash of humor. It shows the monstrosity of humans and the humanity of monsters, confronting preconceived notions about the universe.

That ethos is brought to the forefront in the season one episode “The Devil in the Dark.” It revolves around Kirk and company facing a destructive alien being who has been terrorizing a mining colony. But what starts as a small-screen creature feature turns into much more.

How well do you know this classic episode? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. What is the name of the unlucky man who goes on guard duty at the beginning of the episode?
  2. What did this engineer do to the creature to no avail?
  3. Spock calls this sphere a “geological oddity.” What substance is it?
  4. What is the main vital element mined by the colony?
  5. Why do Kirk and Spock believe their phasers will work against the creature when the miners’ phasers haven’t?
  6. What device does Spock use to search for silicon-based life?
  7. Spock says it would be “a crime against science” to kill the creature if…
  8. After Spock first mind-melds with the creature, he gets just one feeling. What is it?
  9. The creature burns into the rock the phrase: NO KILL… what?
  10. Kirk discovers that the silicon balls are actually what?
  11. How does Kirk convince the miners not to kill the Horta?
  12. What trait does Spock find “refreshing” about the Horta?

How well do you know the Horta episode of Star Trek?

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