How well do you know the character Jed Clampett from 'The Beverly Hillbillies'?

He's the Clampett that changed the family's life.

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Jed Clampett is a fictional character portrayed by Buddy Ebson on the hit sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies. He's one of the main characters, and after hitting the jackpot (he has an oil field worth millions) goes from being a regular hillbilly to a rich hillbilly.

With this life-changing discovery, the Clampetts were now set for life. They decided to switch up their surroundings and upgrade their lifestyle. Yet, their vibrant and true-to-self personalities stayed the same while living in Beverly Hills, an upscale area that liked to keep their neighborhood lavish. They were not familiar with being around hillbillies.

Jed Clampett played an essential role in the show. How well do you know the character?

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  1. What is Jed Clampett's catchphrase?
  2. When did his family, before he got married, come to America?
  3. Who was he married to?
  4. What's his father's name?
  5. What is his sister's name?
  6. What is his cousin's name?
  7. How old did Jed say his grandfather was when he married his grandmother?
  8. How many children does he have?
  9. How many episodes did Jed appear in?
  10. Who does Jed and his family move next to in Beverly Hills?

How well do you know the character Jed Clampett from 'The Beverly Hillbillies'?

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JERRY6 15 months ago
8 of 10 again , jethro i am
pidge 17 months ago
Jethro and Granny aren’t related. And Uncle Jed is not Jethro’s uncle since Pearl, Jethro’s mother, are cousins.
JediCarla pidge 17 months ago
It’s common in the south to show respect to your elders by calling them aunt or uncle. Even if they are really a cousin.
SalIanni 17 months ago
10/10! Well Doggies! I got a perfect score. That's because I love this show and I watch it every morning at 11:00 am just before another great series, "My Three Sons".
cantankerous2022 17 months ago
10 of 10, Buddy Ebson, aka Jed Clmpett.
RachelR cantankerous2022 12 months ago
Or as Lisa Douglas likes to call him, Buddy Epstein.
tootsieg 17 months ago
My score is so bad I can’t show it. Been watching the show forever.
pidge 17 months ago
10/10. But guessed on his pop’s name. Never ever heard it was Luke. And I’m a HUGE fan. Watch it on Pluto daily.
Spock123 17 months ago
Maybe I didn’t get 10/10. But I can sing the whole song, “ come an listen to a story about a man named Jed” Tim in California.
Wendy57 17 months ago
Wellllllll Doggies, not great not bad.
sputnik_57 17 months ago
7/10 #2-- I thought his ancestors came over on the Mayflower.
samseal 17 months ago
I got all Ten right! Very easy quiz! My Favorite Comedy of all time!
daDoctah 17 months ago
Does anyone know which episode revealed the given name of Elly May's mother? I always thought it was one of those eternal mysteries.

Also, I was sure Pearl was the late Mrs Clampett's sister, not Jed's. Or more likely her first cousin (since being the sister of Jed's late wife would have made her Granny's daughter).
texasluva 17 months ago
8 out of 10 the 98 year old one and Before Mayflower arrived busted me. Couple of Tall Tales fer sure🙄
pcriley 17 months ago
Funny show keeps you laughing
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