Fan-favorite hillbilly actors Buddy Ebsen and Howard Morris joined forces for one country bumpkin sketch

Ebsen played Jed Clampett's twin brother and Morris was his son, who looked and sounded an awful lot like Ernest T. Bass.

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After making a name for himself in Fifties films like On the Riviera and White Christmas, Danny Kaye starred in his own variety show in the mid-Sixties. It was perfectly tailored to his comedic and musical chops. In more than 100 episodes over four seasons, The Danny Kaye Show featured guest stars like Mary Tyler Moore, Vincent Price and Clint Eastwood. Sketch actor Harvey Korman appeared alongside Kaye in most episodes before his most famous gig on The Carol Burnett Show.

Howard Morris, who got his start on Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows, also acted in many Danny Kaye sketches just as he was becoming a frequent sitcom guest star and Hanna-Barbera voice actor. His most famous character is no doubt the wily Ernest T. Bass from The Andy Griffith Show.

He first appeared as Ernest T. in the 1963 episode “Mountain Wedding.” Though the character would only show up four more times, he has remained a fan favorite.

A year after Ernest T. Bass first caused trouble in Mayberry, Howard Morris played a very similar character on The Danny Kaye Show in a sketch that referenced more than one famous TV hillbilly.

Buddy Ebsen was the episode’s guest star at the height of his Beverly Hillbillies stardom. Naturally, he had to play Jed Clampett at least once. Ebsen introduces a sketch as Mr. Clampett then goes on to explain that he’ll actually be playing his twin brother, Jed Clunk. This second Jed has two sons played by Howard Morris and Danny Kaye. Morris’s character, Spud Clunk, wears a hat and black vest that seem to be taken right out of Ernest T.’s ramshackle closet!

Sometimes sitcom characters crossed over into different shows (Jed Clampett visited Hooterville after all) but most TV intermingling had to happen under the guise of parody, like the Western Cartrock family (Stone Age versions of the Cartwrights from Bonanza) on The Flintstones.

Thus, variety shows were a great place to see two characters – or in this case two very similar looking characters – getting to interact who otherwise would never meet on their respective sitcoms.

Though Jed Clampett and Ernest T. Bass never shared time onscreen, this sketch from The Danny Kaye Show featuring Buddy Ebsen and Howard Morris provides a glimpse at what that interaction might be like. We think the two TV hillbillies would have a lot in common, and Ernest T. would surely love a bowl of Granny Clampett’s possum chili.

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AnnaRentzVandenhazel 18 months ago
A couple of days ago I noticed Paul Henning's name in the credits for an episode of The Andy Griffith Show. I never knew he had anything to do with that series! Petticoat Junction was based on a motel his parents owned near the railroad tracks in Missouri. Originally he wanted Bea Benadaret to play Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies, but then decided in favor of Irene Ryan and Bea became cousin Pearl. And of course Pearl "disappeared" from Beverly Hillbillies about the time Petticoat Junction came into being.
bagandwallyfan52 20 months ago
Howard Morris as Ernest T Bass
And Jim Varney as Ernest P Worrell would have been a good comedy team for the movies - 2 Ernest s
Would have been a good and wierd combination.
Zip 20 months ago
Here's a vid of the skit.
LalaLucy Zip 20 months ago
Thank you. Love these funny guys. 🙂
Steve2021 20 months ago
Those were the good ol time entertaining shows to enjoy. Brings back those sweet memories when television was worth watching.
Dwight 20 months ago
Before he had his TV variety show, Danny Kaye had one on radio. It featured an exceptional cast. Besides Kaye, there was Eve Arden, Lionel Stander (best remembered for playing Max on “Hart to Hart”), and band leader Harry James.
Nala92129 20 months ago
Howard Morris was amazingly talented and creative. His impersonation of a young Elvis Presley was hilarious!
JHP 20 months ago
I wish I could have met Howard Morris - such a creative genius
pidge 20 months ago
I met Howard Morris many times in Studio City, CA. We used the same dry cleaners. Very nice man.
Jeffrey 20 months ago
Granny's last name was NOT Clampett, it was Moses. Daisy Mae Moses.
JHP Jeffrey 20 months ago
sure was:)
LoveMETV22 Jeffrey 20 months ago
Your correct there. Without breaking down the character names that were set for the storyline she was commonly referred to as Granny Clampett or just Granny on the series. So it's just one of those things ( not really debate worthy).
Michael LoveMETV22 20 months ago
From TV shows, that seems standard. Look at the grandparents on The Waltons,everyone calls themgrandpa and grandma, but they are John's parents.

LoveMETV22 Michael 20 months ago
Yes, occasionally Grandpa is referred to as Zeb, but mostly Grandpa. Grandma was occasionally referred to as Esther. However on The Beverly Hillbillies she is not commonly referred to as
" Daisy Mae Moses ". she may have been in the pilot or early episodes? , but mostly known as Granny or Granny Clampett.
vinman63 LoveMETV22 20 months ago
Reason why was if Granny was Jed's mother Jed couldn't be the household boss
Runeshaper 20 months ago
Danny Kaye was AWESOME! Great combo right here (-:
einnor 20 months ago
Danny Kaye Show season 1 episode 23 (Feb 26, 1964)
McGillahooala 20 months ago
Possum chili. Now that sounds like quite a meal.
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LoveMETV22 MrsPhilHarris 20 months ago
LOL, not sure, but it probably got someone's goat.
LoveMETV22 ELEANOR 20 months ago
Perhaps the National Geographic Network should bring back the "Doomsday Preppers Series " as stupid as it was, viewers could prepare Granny like dishes amongst other alarmists tasks.
Coldnorth LoveMETV22 19 months ago
Poor Elly soon as she raised a pet, Granny kilt and they ate it. My mother was southern and some things I would not eat. I am not a fan of wild meat no matter what direction it came from. Lol
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