We can guess your age based on your opinions about these outfits from Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Would you wear Gomer’s fatigues, Sgt. Carter’s stripes or maybe Corporal Carol’s blue uniform?


Thanks to MeTV fan Moriyah Viera from Columbia, South Carolina for submitting this quiz idea. Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

For shows set in the military, the details on the costumes are very important. Things that seem small to the untrained eye can actually have big meanings like a character’s rank and their job in the armed forces.

Seeing characters in the same thing every episode could get boring but Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. kept it fresh by bringing in civilian characters or giving our favorite funny marines something different to do, like become military police officers!

Of all the different outfits seen on the show, which one is your favorite? Would you wear any of the clothes that the characters do? Give your opions about the costumes seen in Gomer Pyle and we’ll guess how old you are!

  1. Let's start with Gomer. Which piece of Gomer's fatigue uniform do you like the most?
  2. Which part of Sergeant Carter's uniform do you like the most?
  3. Which part of Corporal Duke Slater's uniform do you like the most?
  4. What about Sergeant Carter's Girlfriend Miss Bunny? What do you like about this outfit the most?
  5. And what about Gomer's steady girl, Lou Ann Poovie? What do you like the most about this snazzy outfit?
  6. Did you know that Sergeant Hacker was the sergeant of the mess hall? What part of this chef's uniform do you like the most?
  7. Look at Colonel Grey's robe in this picture. What do you like about it?
  8. Which part of Corporal Carol’s uniform do you like the most?
  9. What do you like most about these Military Police uniforms?
  10. If you had to look like any of these characters, whose outfit would you pick?

We can guess your age based on your opinions about these outfits from Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

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I will be 52 in 6 weeks, they guessed 53.
Jules1971 22 months ago
I'm 51 years old you were very close though.
Dina 22 months ago
Two years off -- spooooky!
terrymarvin 26 months ago
Wedneday, February 23, 2022--7:42 am CST

You are 3 years off. I'm 68.

Terry Marvin (Dallas, Texas, USA)
SteveMcnary 29 months ago
Some of those I didnt like any of it but went ahead & picked what I disliked the least.
KenKnighton 30 months ago
They say I'm 71, I'm 64!
Moriyah KenKnighton 29 months ago
That's pretty close, right?
patrickedwards 31 months ago
They say I’m 71 and that’s right I am 71
Moriyah patrickedwards 31 months ago
I'm 71 backwards (17)
Dajj 31 months ago
They were close, off by 5 yrs.
CortneyNicole 32 months ago
They say I'm 45 and now I am 39 lol
srglogue 32 months ago
It says I am 71 and that's wrong because i am 16
KenKnighton 32 months ago
They said 71, I'm 64! Missed by 7 years!
nlhh2016 32 months ago
Kinda close - said 53, I'm 57.
TerrenceYoungblood 32 months ago
They was close. They said 53. I'm 55
OlgaBagley 32 months ago
The reason why I like Bunny’s white. Shirt is her head lights under the shirt⚪️⚪️
Lisarc10 32 months ago
Guess I’m just an old soul, off 15 years. Being raised by a Marine, I love see the emblems and ranks.
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