Can you match these singers to their beloved TV theme songs?

You might know these pop acts — but do you know their TV tunes?


They don't make TV themes like they used to. Back in the day, they were legitimate pop songs. In some cases, they were even recorded by legitimate pop stars! 

We gathered some notable musical acts who cut classic TV themes. Try to match their names and faces to the correct shows!

  1. Pratt & McClain's letterman jackets were a nice touch — and a hint.
  2. He also sang the 'Cop Rock' theme but we're going to overlook that one.
  3. The Man in Black sang the theme for which Western?
  4. Bill Joel could be heard on this '80s sitcom.
  5. He was appropriately setting sail on this cover.
  6. The Queen of Soul was quite a get.
  7. They might be — well, they definitely are — the singers behind this theme.
     Image: Everett Collection
  8. As if you couldn't tell, this was in the '90s.
  9. This Lovin' Spoonful frontman scored a bit hit with his tune.
  10. She was more of a one-hit wonder.
  11. This soul icon cut a classic sitcom theme.
  12. Can you stay in the right Laine?
  13. The Peppermint Trolley Company was the first act to record this famous theme.

Can you match these singers to their beloved TV theme songs?

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john72ss 16 months ago
pretty sure bill hailey and the comets did happy days???
DavidWitt john72ss 3 months ago
Rock around the clock by Bill Haley and the Comets was the theme for the first season. later it was changed to the Pratt and McClain song.
Oldielover 33 months ago
10/13....Not doing too bad today,but missed an easy one....
RichLorn 33 months ago
OUCH! 6/13 I guess I spent too much time in the kitchen getting popcorn during the theme songs.
country46 33 months ago
got 5/13 and guessed those memory is going like everything else
Spiro 34 months ago
You got 7 out of 13
Did you rock that… or would you rather roll over?

I don't particularly like the sarcasm. I'll roll you over.
Wenatchee7 34 months ago
11/13 went from to easy to slightly tough.
Randall 34 months ago
#9 is currently being used in an Applebee's commercial, I think they goofed I love the song but I don't know if THE SAME OL PLACE THAT YOU LAUGHED ABOUT will draw people back to Applebee's! They basically admitted Applebee's is a joke!
DIGGER1 34 months ago
Can you match these singers to their beloved TV theme songs?
You got 12 out of 13
Did you rock that… or would you rather roll over?
I pooched it on the "ARETHA FRANKLIN" question(#6). Hard to believe, isn't it?
JHP 34 months ago
10/13 - never watched and never will shows from #4
Runeshaper 34 months ago
8/13 - lots of guessing there LOL Love Happy Days, Monk, Friends, and Welcome Back Kotter!
15inchBlackandWhite 34 months ago
13/13. Channeling my inner disc-jockey once again.
lynngdance 34 months ago
*Bill* Joel? Really? I mean, in his song “Piano Man” it does say “Bill, I believe this is killing me”, but I’m pretty sure METV just said ‘Bill’ because they don’t proofread. 😆
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texasluva lynngdance 33 months ago
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texasluva lynngdance 33 months ago
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texasluva lynngdance 33 months ago
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texasluva lynngdance 33 months ago
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One of our Bonus Movies will be: Suddenly (1954)
MarkSpeck 34 months ago
13 out of 13. Love quizzes about TV and music!
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