How well do you actually remember Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Here's a reindeer game anyone can join in!

You know the song, but how much of the 1964 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer holiday special to you really recall?

Let's light up your memory today! 

Here's a snowstorm of 11 questions anyone who treasures this Rankin/Bass classic should see right through. Good luck avoiding an abominable score!
  1. Burl Ives plays the Snowman who narrates the whole story. What's his name in the special?
  2. In the special, Rudolph is the son of which of Santa’s reindeer?
  3. Hermey the elf hates making toys. What job does he actually want?
  4. In the special, Burl Ives sings three songs. What song does he NOT sing?
  5. This doe takes an instant liking to Rudolph. What’s her name?
  6. What’s Yukon Cornelius doing in the mountains?
  7. What does Cornelius call the abominable snow monster?
  8. What is actually wrong causing the snow monster to behave abominably
  9. Charlie-in-the-Box lives on what magical island?
  10. When does King Moonracer say a toy becomes truly happy?
  11. In the end, what obstacle does Rudolph help Santa overcome?

How well do you actually remember Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

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Runeshaper 1 month ago
9 out of 11. Been a long time, but still 1 of my favorite Christmas classics!
ClassicLover 8 months ago
Got them all even though I havn"t seen it in years
DIGGER1 9 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
We see you've got a nose for this kinda thing.
I've watched "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer" for so many years, that I've become an expert on it. However, I will admit that it has been a while since I've last seen it, and I nearly missed on a couple of the questions of this quiz. As I've always said, "Honesty is the best policy".
MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
11/11 Watched it last week along with Frosty. Saw the Grinch cartoon a couple of days ago.
Lucyneenah19701 9 months ago
6 out of 11. I haven't seen Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in years. I love Frosty the Snowman!
Fred_Clampett 9 months ago
Perfect score! It's been pointed out that the show we see now is not the same as when it first aired. Several scenes were shortened so Santa could return to the Land of Misfit Toys. Also Yukon Cornelius was looking for peppermint. That's why he licked his pick.
11/11. As far as I'm concerned, they marred it when they changed the song, Fame and Fortune to We're A Couple Of Misfits.
moax429 garykevinware 8 months ago

I remember CBS also had the gall in the 70's to chop out the "elf practice" sequence and the short scene where Yukon discovers the peppermint mine. I bought the special on DVD in the late 2000's and have been enjoying "Rudolph" intact ever since.
cperrynaples 9 months ago
10/11! Didn't know Rudolph's father!
richardkel 9 months ago
11/11. This is absolutely my favorite Christmas special, next to Charlie Brown. I have to watch them both, or else it's just not Christmas to me. Not sure about #8. They didn't say that the Bumble had a toothache, only that he was tame/helpless without teeth. Also, Bumbles can't swim and they bounce.
EllisClevenger 9 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
We see you've got a nose for this kinda thing.
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