Can you find the one episode that is NOT a series finale?

Prove you remember every time you said goodbye for good.

We all know what happens in the most memorable sitcom finales of all time, but do you remember the actual episode titles?

Below, we've mixed in one wrong answer on a list of often-cited series finales. See if you can spot the one episode title that does NOT belong and was NOT a series finale. 

Only serious sitcom fans will have the last laugh on this one. Good luck!
  1. Pick the episode below that is NOT a series finale:

Can you find the one episode that is NOT a series finale?

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WILD 33 months ago
You found the false finale!
Way to go! In the first season of WKRP in Cincinnati, Johnny Fever briefly leaves, but don't worry - he comes back by the next episode, mah babies!
Rickey 58 months ago
"The Beginning of the Beginning" (The Facts of Life)
jamesreyes65549 63 months ago
I've picked Family Scrapbook. Sounds like a TV movie.
rycki1138 jamesreyes65549 33 months ago
Family Scrapbook was the Leave It to Beaver series finale.
Tresix 66 months ago
I picked "The Beginning of the Beginning". Sounded more like a premiere to be than a finale.
rycki1138 Tresix 33 months ago
It was the finale for The Facts of Life, but it was supposed to be the pilot for an unmade spin-off where Blair buys Eastland school and becomes the new headmaster with both boys and girls as students instead of just a girls school. Seth Green, Mayim Bialik, and Juliette Lewis were supposed to be some of the students in the spin-off.
MrsPhilHarris 66 months ago
Missed it. Picked The Last Show.
teire 66 months ago
Got it right, recognized most of the others as being actual finales.
JeffTanner 66 months ago
I got it WRONG!! I picked "Felix Remarries".
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