Can you guess which Mayberry character does NOT belong in these classic scenes?

Help us undo these Mayberry mix-ups!

Have you got the sharpest eye in all of Mayberry?

Prove it with this quiz. We've added ONE character to some of The Andy Griffith Show's best-loved black-and-white episodes, from "Citizen's Arrest" to "The Haunted House."

It's part trivia, part trusting your eye. See how many scenes you can make right to show your Mayberry mastery. Good luck!

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  1. In "Barney and the Choir," Mayberry citizens had to gently oust off-key Barney from the singing group. Which character was NOT in the choir scene?
  2. In "The Christmas Story," everybody gathers for this feast, but which character was NOT at the holiday dinner?
  3. Anybody who remembers "Mountain Wedding" will know exactly who doesn't belong here:
  4. In "The Haunted House," everybody was spooked, but who wasn't actually there for this scene?
  5. "Citizen's Arrest" is a fan favorite, so true fans know which character makes no sense in this scene:
  6. In "The Pickle Story," the jury was out on just how good Aunt Bee's pickles were, but who here was never asked to weigh in?
  7. In "Convicts-at-Large," three escaped lady convicts imprison two characters in their cabin. Who does not belong?
  8. In "Mr. McBeeve," Andy's pretty sure Opie's got an invisible friend, but only one character was there to caution Andy to discourage the behavior in this scene. Who was it?
  9. Last question. In "Barney's First Car," Barney immediately has car trouble. Who does NOT belong in this scene?

Can you guess which Mayberry character does NOT belong in these classic scenes?

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Snickers 29 months ago
9/9 pretty good since I'm not a big Andy Griffith fan.
LanceMcCrickard 38 months ago
Can you guess which Mayberry character does NOT belong in these classic scenes?

You got 9 out of 9

You cruised right through that one!
ThomasPatterson 47 months ago
8 is wrong
It is correct. Opie is sitting in the middle. Gomer had to sit by the window and Goober didn’t make an appearance on the show till late in season 4, “Fun Girls.” This episode is in season 3.
CarlaMayIlund 58 months ago
Question 8 is not worded correctly to go with the directions of this quiz. If you answer the question AS IT IS ASKED, the correct answer is Barney, but if you answer it according to the quiz directions, it is Aunt Bee.
SteveTimmins CarlaMayIlund 47 months ago
I agree the question is confusing as written, particularly because the scene depicted happens before Opie even meets Mr. McBeeve. (he was riding 'Blackie', his imaginary horse). Perhaps stating "In "Mr. McBeeve", Andy's pretty sure Opie's got an invisible friend. But only one character was there to discourage the behavior shown in this scene" would have been clearer. Note that, later in the episode when Andy was trying to get at the truth, he started the conservation with Opie by saying "Remember this morning when you were riding Blackie?"
Rickey 58 months ago
You got 9 out of 9
You cruised right through that one!
NoahBody 65 months ago
8/9 I got the Andy Taylor one wrong . Dang !!!
booster 65 months ago
9/9 They didn't Photoshop some of the characters very well.
Geronimo booster 65 months ago
Yeah right
Deleted 65 months ago
This comment has been removed.
JuneMiller 58 months ago
The scene they show should NOT have Aunt Bea in it.
Douglas 65 months ago
8/9! missed one. number seven did me in.
UnicornPrincess 66 months ago
All right! I'm not sure I've seen the "Convicts at Large" episode. It looked funny!
daDoctah UnicornPrincess 65 months ago
It's my favorite of the entire series. I especially like the opening scene where Andy is listening to the radio bulletin about the women: "The leader is Big Maude Tyler, 5 feet 6 inches tall, dark hair, weight one hundred and seventy-five pounds. Known as: Big Maude Tyler, Clarice Tyler, Maude Clarice Tyler, Annabelle Tyler and Ralph Henderson."
harlow1313 daDoctah 65 months ago
I like when Barney changes into his police uniform and explains, "I'm kinda hard lookin' in my civies."
Tony daDoctah 48 months ago
And Elanora Poultice
cperrynaples 66 months ago
9/9! 2 ways I figured out the answers: [1] Who wasn't on the show when it happened? or [2] Which one looked photoshopped?
JBA 66 months ago
They didnt pack into Andys car. After realizing he bought a lemon,Barney was so discouraged he couldnt drive his own car,so Andy drove it.
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