Hometown sweets: Match the classic candy to its place of origin

Even the sugary stuff of dreams comes from somewhere!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you the bane of every dentist this side of the Mississippi? Or do you stay away from all things great and gooey? 

Whether you're flossing twice daily or not, this is the quiz for you! See if you can remember these classic candies and where they were invented. Who can take the sunrise?

Sprinkle it with dew. Cover it in chocolate; let's find out if it's you!

Leave a comment with your quiz results to contrast and compare!

  1. Where was the Charleston Chew created?
  2. Goldenberg's Peanut Chews were manufactured in which town?
  3. Hot Tamales: Where are they from?
  4. What about PEZ?
  5. Sometimes, you feel like a nut: Where is the Almond Joy from, originally?
  6. "Smarties Candy Company" was founded in 1949 in which US city?
  7. Bazooka Gum, and Bazooka Joe, were both created in which borough?
  8. You may call them Satellite Wafers, Flying Saucers or maybe even UFOs. But where are they from?
  9. Root Beer Barrels were created by beverage inventor Charles Hires in which city?
  10. Pixy Stix - where are they from?

Hometown sweets: Match the classic candy to its place of origin

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MadMadMadWorld 6 days ago
I had never heard of Pixy Stix. But I loved it as the prior name, Lik-M-Aid!
Those late-1950s, early-1960s were fantastic for kids in the best era in growing up.
JHP 6 days ago
4/10 gee - aint no expreet on Pennsylvania candies
Adanor 7 days ago
What about York Peppermint Patties? Yep, it's a Hershey product named for York, Pennsylvania, not York, England which happens to be known for its many chocolate confections.
God I miss him!!!!!!!!!
She appeared in one Leave It To Beaver 1961 episode "Mother's Helper" as the kitchen helper's daughter ("Margie Manners") that Wally flips for. Also known for many episodes as Chris Carmichael, Lucy's daughter in The Lucy Show (1962-68). Also in 10 episodes of "The Donna Reed Show" as Bebe or Bernice.
https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0600993 Candy Moore (b. Aug. 26, 1947), now 75.
ncadams27 7 days ago
Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews are made by the same company that makes marshmallow Peeps.
Moverfan 8 days ago
No mention of Whitman's? Or Russell Stover? Well, that's just not nice...(and if you're wondering about my score...I don't care to discuss it, thank you...)
bsantaniello 8 days ago
4/10 guessed on most of them. I ate the candy never looked on wrappings to see where it came from.
texasluva 9 days ago
5 out of 10. A few of these never heard of. All but two I haven't had since a child. Never looked to see where they were made unless its apparent. Love See's candies now. Also mini Milky Way's and a few others.
Oh my! See’s Candies 🤗 My Dad used to get my Mom candies from there in Los Angeles (way back in the day) Lol
Deleted 11 days ago
This comment has been removed.
BenSobeleone 10 days ago
Would've been good to see him play a villain on Batman.
Chuck74Roger80Fan 3 days ago
Cliff Emmich who played The
Candyman on Happy Days and
John Candy BOTH would have been good choices to play villains on either Batman or The Adventures of Superman.
DZee 11 days ago
Being a native of Bethlehem, PA, I knew the Hot Tamales were made there by Just Born Candy Company....who also makes Peeps.
Moverfan DZee 8 days ago
Hot Tamales and Peeps...now THERE'S a combination!
Chuck74Roger80Fan 11 days ago
Candy Girl by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.
Chuck74Roger80Fan 11 days ago
The Candyman by Sammy Davis
KJExpress 12 days ago
6/10. Not really a candyholic. 🍫🍬🍭
JHP KJExpress 6 days ago
if anything - its Mr Goodbar for me
KJExpress JHP 6 days ago
I used to like candy much more than I do now, but I have retained a fondness for Mr. Goodbar and a few others. 😋
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