Hometown sweets: Match the classic candy to its place of origin

Even the sugary stuff of dreams comes from somewhere!

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you the bane of every dentist this side of the Mississippi? Or do you stay away from all things great and gooey? 

Whether you're flossing twice daily or not, this is the quiz for you! See if you can remember these classic candies and where they were invented. Who can take the sunrise?

Sprinkle it with dew. Cover it in chocolate; let's find out if it's you!

Leave a comment with your quiz results to contrast and compare!

  1. Where was the Charleston Chew created?
  2. Goldenberg's Peanut Chews were manufactured in which town?
  3. Hot Tamales: Where are they from?
  4. What about PEZ?
  5. Sometimes, you feel like a nut: Where is the Almond Joy from, originally?
  6. "Smarties Candy Company" was founded in 1949 in which US city?
  7. Bazooka Gum, and Bazooka Joe, were both created in which borough?
  8. You may call them Satellite Wafers, Flying Saucers or maybe even UFOs. But where are they from?
  9. Root Beer Barrels were created by beverage inventor Charles Hires in which city?
  10. Pixy Stix - where are they from?

Hometown sweets: Match the classic candy to its place of origin

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