Do you remember the Brady Bunch episode ''Getting Davy Jones''?

Marcia meets her teen idol!


Can you imagine meeting your teen idol? Would you swoon? Scream? Marcia remains remarkably composed. Well, aside from the lying, undercover sneaking and scheming. 

"Getting Davy Jones" remains one of the most beloved episodes of The Brady Bunch, in some part because it welcomed another icon of the era. 

Let's see if you have what it takes to be the president of the fan club. Can you remember these details?

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  1. Davy Jones is best known as the singer for which Sixties pop band?
  2. What does Marcia keep framed from Davy Jones?
  3. Marcia wants to get Davy Jones to perform at what school event?
  4. What single does Davy Jones sing in the episode?
  5. Tina Andrews makes her TV debut as Marcia's friend. What is her character's name?
  6. What is the name of Marcia's teacher, played by Marcia Wallace (The Bob Newhart Show)?
  7. Mike is mad that someone has cut what out of the newspaper?
  8. Britt Leach guest stars in the episode. Who does he play?
  9. Davy Jones is staying in which hotel?
  10. Marcia and ________ pose as room service to get to Davy's hotel room.
  11. Marcia learns that Davy Jones is in town to appear on what television show?
  12. Peter pretends to be the manager of what fake band to reach Davy Jones?
  13. Marcia learns that Davy Jones is currently recording in which studio?

Do you remember the Brady Bunch episode ''Getting Davy Jones''?

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Lillyrose 2 months ago
13 out of 13. "Getting Davy Jones" is one of my favorite Brady Bunch episodes! Such a sweet episode. I saw this episode long before I had ever heard of The Monkees.
tanya7100 3 months ago
Has anyone here seen "The Brady Bunch Movie" with Shelley Long and Gary Cole? Davy appeared in the movie and sang this very song, only it was with a heavy metal band, LOL. But, they did a pretty awesome job of the song. That whole movie was hilarious and several BB cast members were in it.
Khorchler 3 months ago
12/13 missed Tina Andrews character name.
tanya7100 Khorchler 3 months ago
That's the exact same one I missed; other than that, I also got 12/13. They just played it yesterday, too, so that helped!
STTOS 3 months ago
You got 11 out of 13 - What a sunshine day! You did it! Groovy! Not too bad, I'll take it,
DZee 3 months ago
About 15 years ago we were walking thru the Del Mar Fair (San Diego County Fair) and as went past one of the outdoor stages there was a guy singing. We didn't really recognize him at first. It was Davy Jones. He had a bit of a pouch around the waist that threw us off. I remember a group of teenagers walked between the stage & audience as Jones was talking. It looked like Jones kind of got a little POed. I don't know if it was because they walked thru there.....or that they didn't know who he was.
kito 3 months ago
Haha wish we could post pics. I made an IG Story educating ppl on how Davy Jones was the Harry Styles of his day. The girlies just loved him. Some of my finest work 🧐
CindyT kito 3 months ago
SimeonOneder (6 posts down) was able to post 2 photos of custom made Pop figures - so there is a way.
Cmconnolly 3 months ago
8 of 13 I knew i should have said prom and not homecoming.
Coolrain 3 months ago
You got 10 out of 13
What a sunshine day! You did it! Groovy!
kito 3 months ago
Beverley Hills Hilton is so clever haha
SimeonOneder 3 months ago
12/13. Great episode! I made custom Pop figures of Brady Bunch Davy...Simian1

dmirarh SimeonOneder 3 months ago
WoW, you did a good job. They look very nice.
SimeonOneder dmirarh 3 months ago
Thank you!
suziq1 3 months ago
13/13. Love the episode. Love and miss Davy so much. Such a sweet man.
dmirarh suziq1 3 months ago
WoW, you did a good job. They look very nice.
dmirarh dmirarh 3 months ago
Sorry posted above in the wrong area.
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