Can you complete these running gags from Green Acres?

The show had many recurring jokes from the costumes to the credits.

Fans of Green Acres know that one of the best parts about the show is how it revisits and heightens gags over and over. The zaniness of the characters, the stories and even the credits all contributed to a sitcom that lives on well past its initial 1960s run.

Here are 10 hilarious plot points, jokes and gags that the show repeated to great effect. Can you correctly complete the sentence for each one?

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  1. Answering the phone is always a pain for Lisa and Oliver because…
  2. Much to Oliver’s chagrin, Eb refers to Oliver and Lisa as…
  3. When Oliver starts one of his longwinded speeches about “the American farmer,” out of nowhere plays the patriotic tune…
  4. Lisa cooks the same thing for almost every meal, her famous…
  5. Oliver and Lisa's bedroom closet…
  6. The show’s opening credits…
  7. The animal as smart (or smarter) than the human characters and does human things like watch TV is…
  8. Mr. Haney always tried to sell Oliver…
  9. When he was working on the farm, Oliver usually dressed…
  10. The Monroe "Brothers" are actually…

Can you complete these running gags from Green Acres?

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Adamtwelvia 1 month ago
9 out of 10! Just forget what was playing when Oliver gave one of his speeches.
Never figured out why he always wore the suit if he wanted to be the "American Farmer"
IndianaRockz 2 months ago
10/10 I'm happy for that 🐖🌽🐓

Thank you, MeTV crew, for the fun lil quizzes & stories you come up with to entertain us! 💌😁
rubyslippers1234 2 months ago
10/10 Have barely ever watched it. Maybe I should start.
rking8161 2 months ago
Green acres is the place to be farm living is the life for me
daDoctah 2 months ago
My favorite running gag was more of a running technique that could be applied to a different actual gag every week. The episode would start at the Douglas home, Lisa (or sometimes a random visitor) would mispronounce some word a certain way, and then for the rest of the episode everybody Oliver would run into would mispronounce the *same* word in the *same* way, without there having been any way that awareness of that error spreading from where it originated.
mcrutcher 2 months ago
One of my favorites. Got all 10. Quite a fun show to watch.
McGillahooala 2 months ago
10/10. Very easy quiz if you love Green Acres.
RobertK 2 months ago
10 of 10. This one was pretty easy for me since I have the complete series. I do enjoy watching it in the evenings on METV much better. It just seems more fun to watch a random episode like I used to when the show first aired on TV.
Alyselayn 2 months ago
I wish you would take giligens island OFF and replace it with GREEN ACRES; PLEASE 😬
ttenchantr 2 months ago
10/10 A little too easy for a true fan.
ironman2000 2 months ago
8 of 10, and the two I missed, I really knew the correct answers but decided not to pick them. I share do my Birthday day and month with Eddie Albert.
Jimtypes 2 months ago
My favorite gag ( from those listed ) was Mr. Haney always coming up with the exact need of the moment. And it was always a whacky proposal. Green Acres was a unique gem.
raddad Jimtypes 2 months ago
I remember one thing that he tried to sell was a planter that he called a “Mechanical Wetback.” Only saw it once and then it disappeared into tv obscurity.
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