Can you complete these running gags from Green Acres?

The show had many recurring jokes from the costumes to the credits.

Fans of Green Acres know that one of the best parts about the show is how it revisits and heightens gags over and over. The zaniness of the characters, the stories and even the credits all contributed to a sitcom that lives on well past its initial 1960s run.

Here are 10 hilarious plot points, jokes and gags that the show repeated to great effect. Can you correctly complete the sentence for each one?

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  1. Answering the phone is always a pain for Lisa and Oliver because…
  2. Much to Oliver’s chagrin, Eb refers to Oliver and Lisa as…
  3. When Oliver starts one of his longwinded speeches about “the American farmer,” out of nowhere plays the patriotic tune…
  4. Lisa cooks the same thing for almost every meal, her famous…
  5. Oliver and Lisa's bedroom closet…
  6. The show’s opening credits…
  7. The animal as smart (or smarter) than the human characters and does human things like watch TV is…
  8. Mr. Haney always tried to sell Oliver…
  9. When he was working on the farm, Oliver usually dressed…
  10. The Monroe "Brothers" are actually…

Can you complete these running gags from Green Acres?

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dubskaren 16 days ago
Got 10 out of 10. This is one of my top favorite shows. Love it. I wish MeTV store would sell green acres t-shirts.
piercedale 17 days ago
Arnold the pig is probably the smartest compared to his human counterparts. Also he's my favorite character in the show.
VernCaldwell 22 days ago
10/10. I answered without reading the questions.
EmBee 23 days ago
She actually called them hotScakes.
MayberryAfterMidnight 30 days ago
Can you complete these running gags from Green Acres?

You got 10 out of 10

Did you cook up something good on this quiz or were your answers a little underdone?
CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
Definitely a few lucky guesses in there.
frances3agape 1 month ago
Aww...only 9 of 10
Could not recall which patriotic song during Oliver's fillibusters
But I do remember Lisa imitating him about the corn "shootsing up" from the ground
scp 1 month ago
10 out of 10. And I'll add my two cents to the "hotscakes" thing.

Green Acres is probably one of, if not the, most surreal sitcoms every made.
JERRY6 1 month ago
9 of 10 a bit underdone , oh well missed the opening credits question
boogerdogger 1 month ago
Too Easy.
When I was a kid watching this show, I thought it was pretty corny. Now it's the highlight of my evening!
Lisa's Old World Wit and the whacky lines. It's amazing how so many of the characters remind me of my neighbors.
mrwatcher 1 month ago
9 out of 10 , missed the song that plays when Oliver gives a speech.
Watch it every night 👀
KellyTenace 1 month ago
10 out of 10, and I genuinely barely watch (or ever watched) the show. This must be really easy.
JoeSHill 1 month ago
It took a very long time for me to finally understand why "GREEN ACRES" was such a superior sitcom because the writing was never anything short of cleaver, witty, and insanely hilarious! in one particular episode, they had a problem with a generator, that the superimposed comic book words "Bah-rooom" and DRIK DRAK were used, obviously paying a nod to "BATMAN", which totally blew my mind! or the funny credits that the actors sometimes used while picking up things, that you just couldn't get anymore original then that, which is how masterful that Richard L Bare, the director of the show really got-and that is WAY more then I can say for CBS's revival TV movie, "RETURN TO GREEN ACRES" in 1990-they used William Asher to direct the reunion, and, Asher was a great director (especially with the "BEACH" movies that American International released in the 1960s) but Asher was no successor to Richard L Bare, who practically became the whole guiding light to "GREEN ACRES", which is why this CBS show was such a mellow, whimsical, and superior hit-it was just too bad that CBS and Fred Silverman had to "de-ruralize" their Primetime schedule in 1971 to make room for "ALL IN THE FAMILY" and "THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW", because "GREEN ACRES" deserved a longer run!
KellyTenace JoeSHill 1 month ago
The rural comedy craze, like the westerns craze one before it, was bound to fizzle out eventually, like most things do. If anything did in Green Acres and shows like it, it was that sitcoms became more topical and "smarter". For good or bad.
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