Can you complete these running gags from Green Acres?

The show had many recurring jokes from the costumes to the credits.

Fans of Green Acres know that one of the best parts about the show is how it revisits and heightens gags over and over. The zaniness of the characters, the stories and even the credits all contributed to a sitcom that lives on well past its initial 1960s run.

Here are 10 hilarious plot points, jokes and gags that the show repeated to great effect. Can you correctly complete the sentence for each one?

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  1. Answering the phone is always a pain for Lisa and Oliver because…
  2. Much to Oliver’s chagrin, Eb refers to Oliver and Lisa as…
  3. When Oliver starts one of his longwinded speeches about “the American farmer,” out of nowhere plays the patriotic tune…
  4. Lisa cooks the same thing for almost every meal, her famous…
  5. Oliver and Lisa's bedroom closet…
  6. The show’s opening credits…
  7. The animal as smart (or smarter) than the human characters and does human things like watch TV is…
  8. Mr. Haney always tried to sell Oliver…
  9. When he was working on the farm, Oliver usually dressed…
  10. The Monroe "Brothers" are actually…

Can you complete these running gags from Green Acres?

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JoeGuenther 11 months ago
I cheated and went backwards after the correct answer for number three was shown.
Steve2021 14 months ago
Arnold was a very cool Dude, I Mean pig.......
Randall 21 months ago
Oh, Oliver, Do not use my hotcakes to mend the car !! I laugh every time I think of that episode!!
Muleskinner 21 months ago
10/10. The funniest show on TV. No matter what Oliver needed Mr Haney would say, “I’ve got one on my truck!”
EllisClevenger 28 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Did you cook up something good on this quiz or were your answers a little underdone?
SalIanni 30 months ago
I watch "Green Acres" on TV every morning! It is so hilarious and never fails to leave me laughing out loud. Those who don't like it are likely people who don't get (or refuse to get) the warped humor that is present in every episode. You have to watch each episode from beginning to end or you might miss a key moment that shows up later on that becomes funnier the more you see it.
dubskaren 31 months ago
Got 10 out of 10. This is one of my top favorite shows. Love it. I wish MeTV store would sell green acres t-shirts.
piercedale 32 months ago
Arnold the pig is probably the smartest compared to his human counterparts. Also he's my favorite character in the show.
VernCaldwell 32 months ago
10/10. I answered without reading the questions.
EmBee 32 months ago
She actually called them hotScakes.
CaptainDunsel 32 months ago
Definitely a few lucky guesses in there.
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