Can you find the one TV that is NOT from the 1960s?

Which set is not a '60s tube?

Image: Magnavox / RCA / Admiral / Westinghouse / Sylvania / Zenith

Television sets have come in all different shapes and sizes over the years, from giant cabinets with tiny round screens to enormous screens that are flat as a pancake.

Here are 12 different TVs from years past. All but one of them is from the 1960s. Can you spot the one that isn’t?

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  1. Which one of these television sets is NOT from the 1960s?

Can you find the one TV that is NOT from the 1960s?

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zman47240 11 months ago
Got it on the 1st try. I’m awesome!
ncadams27 11 months ago
TV’s then were part of the living room and the style (colonial, oak, etc,) had to fit in with the overall style of the rest of the furniture. I remember one with sliding doors that you could close so you wouldn’t have to look at a blank screen. If I got home from school and these doors were closed it meant “no TV” until I figured out what me or my sisters did to get my Mom mad.
Pelican18 11 months ago
It took me three tries. My downfall was thinking #1, with the relatively small screen, and #4, with the rounder screen, might be from the 50s.
cheduff 11 months ago
My grandma won this tv in a supermarket contest and she put it on the top of her bedroom dresser. She liked to watch it when grandpa was stuck on sports in the living room.
Tracye 32 months ago
1st try and didn't even scroll all the way down.
illegallyred1 32 months ago
Found it on the first try. The television looked too modern for the 1960's.
John 32 months ago
Got it on the second try. I should have spotted that plastic base as a '70's thing.
idkwut2use 32 months ago
Took a few tries, but the real fun was just admiring the designs. :] My favorite is the eighth. If it had a little railing on top like a few of the others to emphasize it as a shelf, and perhaps if it were more elevated, it’d be perfect. :D
MadMadMadWorld 32 months ago
Found it on the 3rd try. That funny looking base gave me the clue after missing twice before. I loved and miss all those great American brand names: Sylvania, Westinghouse, Zenith, Admiral, RCA, Magnavox, and Motorola,
jimmyvici 32 months ago
Yaaaay!!! (In a sarcastic tone)....only took six tries. 👎
JERRY6 32 months ago
i cheated i had that tv
JERRY6 32 months ago
This comment has been removed.
trogg888 32 months ago
we had a zenith in the 60s;it was the first color one we had and you had three color knobs to adjust the colors as well as a contrast and tint knob.icould tell that one was from the 70s,they would never have made something that looked like that in the 60s.ours looked liked a piece of furniture but lasted a long time,even into the 80s and weighed a ton,tubes all the way
JERRY6 trogg888 32 months ago
tv's lasted back then , i had the same tv from 1970 to 1998 thing still works . and if they broke down they could be fixed easily . miss the days when appliances lasted and could be fixed easily
TheDavBow3 32 months ago
My parents had a mid '60s 25" Magnavox color TV from the earliest of my memory. Of course, encapsulated in a heavily varnished light walnut footed cabinet. I'm a month from being 56 and always had a color TV. I felt kinda special as a kid to have color TV because a lot of my friends still had B&W sets through the early '70s. Special!
TheDavBow3 TheDavBow3 32 months ago
Kinda similar to the 4th one down.
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