Choose some snacks for a Christmas movie marathon and we'll tell you which film you should watch this December

Simply having a wonderful snacking time!


With everything great about Christmas, one of the best parts about the holiday season is the special treats. In this quiz, we're letting you munch your way through a couple of holiday snacks to prep for a Christmas movie marathon, and we'll assign you a holiday movie to watch this winter season!

  1. Please choose one cold beverage
  2. Now choose a beverage to warm you up!
  3. Choose a Christmas cookie to bake in your oven
  4. Now choose a holiday candy
  5. Pick a salty snack you'd love to eat while watching a Christmas movie
  6. We're letting you take one food out of a Christmas movie and into your stomach. What are you choosing?
  7. Choose a party snack you're making a beeline for at every Christmas party
  8. We're letting you order out one food for your movie marathon. What are you ordering?
  9. Choose a homemade snack you're cooking up with your pals
  10. How are you eating all of this?

Choose some snacks for a Christmas movie marathon and we'll tell you which film you should watch this December

Your Result...

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clrayles 6 months ago
You've got to watch It's A Wonderful Life
bellamandy150 7 months ago
Spaceseed 7 months ago
My favorie Christmas movie is Ben Hur with the GOAT Chuck Heston.
SheriHeffner 7 months ago
I got Home Alone. But thanks to our Spectrum.Cable Freeform was dropped from the lineup
GTStang08 7 months ago
I'd really like to know what all the choices are. I retook the quiz twice. 1st time I got, "It's A Wonderful Life", 2nd time was, "It's A Wonderful Life", and lastly I got, "Home Alone". Good movies, but not Christmas favorites of mine. I was hoping for "Scrooge" or "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". They both had a wonderful life...I mean wonderful outcomes. *yuk-yuk!
IndianaRockz 7 months ago
Home Alone---I actually watched sime of this a few days ago on regular tv.

Was hoping they would tell me to watch "A Christmas Story" that's a very Indiana movie to give you warm, fuzzy Hoosier feelings. I like seeing those fun 'leg lamps' in peoples' windows around my area.
("Fra-gee-lay! That must be Italian!")
Southerngirl2022 7 months ago
You've got to watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas. No, I don’t think so. 😫
soonersjlg 7 months ago
Home Alone
LoveMETV22 soonersjlg 7 months ago
Excuse Me ! Not sure you read the entire comments in the:
" 9 forgotten cartoon Christmas specials of the 1970s" article"
before posting then deleting your comment. Doubt is was removed by MeTv that quickly.

It was another poster that was verbally hostile to a poster I chat with, and hopped all over her for sharing Season's greetings with others, and presented his/her PC"/Religous/Political opinion on such.

Do a little research before playing keyboard warrior.
jodyh05 7 months ago
It’s a wonderful life. Very fitting. Indiana is my hometown, same as Mr. James Stewart
DK 7 months ago
It's a Wonderful Life. My favorite thing in that movie, is that the cops are Bert & Ernie.
tnminnow 7 months ago
It's a Wonderful Life. Not my favorite.
Wendy57 7 months ago
I got How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
No, not for me really, except for the dog in it. I’ll be watching A Christmas Story instead. Always liked Rudolph too, especially the elf that wants to be a dentist. Very cute.
Also The Charlie Brown Christmas movie with that little spindly tree that they hang that big red ball on and it bends over.
Sorta like the ones we got right before Christmas for a cheap price and then brought it home tied to the roof of our VW beetle and then we’d try to pick the best side of the tree and turn the bald side towards the wall. Ha Ha !
Fond funny memories of long ago.
SparkleMotion 7 months ago
YES!!! I got the Grinch and it's my favorite Christmas cartoon!!! I know the entire thing and can recite it by heart. I didn't even choose the Roast Beast on #6 and I still got the Grinch. I answered as my now self and not childhood self. As a kid I loved all the Christmas cartoons equally anyway, I think. 💚❤️💚
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