How well do you remember the second verse of these popular classic television theme songs?

The best things come in twos.


Maybe you know all the words to your favorite television show's theme song, but are you well-versed in the second verse?

In this quiz, we'll provide the lyrics to the second verses of popular classic television theme songs, sometimes included in the opening and closing credits, but usually not. It's your job to finish the lyrics and prove your television trivia knowledge!

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  1. From the All In The Family theme song: "Take a little _____ spin. Go to watch the Dodgers win."
  2. "Kate Smith really sold a song. I don't know just _____"
  3. From the Cheers theme song: "Roll out of bed, _____ dead."
  4. "And your shrink ran off to _____"
  5. From The Beverly Hillbillies theme song: "Old Jed bought a mansion, lordy it was _____"
  6. "Next door neighbor's _____"
  7. "Lotta folks complaining but the banker found no fault. 'Cause all Jed's millions, was _____ in the vault!"
  8. From the Friends theme song: "You're still in bed at ten. The work began at ____.".
  9. From the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song: "She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket. I put my Walkman on and said, "_____!"
  10. "First class, yo this is bad. Drinkin' orange juice out of a ______."

How well do you remember the second verse of these popular classic television theme songs?

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SheriHeffner 6 months ago
I never even heard of these second verses of these television shows.
MeFanFromSavan 6 months ago
6/10, and the same... all guesses.
Me too all guesses.
tootsieg 6 months ago
5/10. All guesses. I didn’t know there was another verse.
bsantaniello 6 months ago
9/10. Lots of guess and rhyming with first line.
jvf 6 months ago
These "second verses" were probably on paper, but no one ever heard these when we watched the shows. Geez!
MikefromJersey jvf 6 months ago
"You got 6 out of 10"
There is no way, no how, these "second verses" were ever heard on their series.
Cheers full song was heard only once, on the two part compilation show for the
200th episode.
You might as well ask for the lyrics to the Bonanza theme song, which was sung by
all 4 Cartwrights at the end of episode one but later deleted.
Just an aside, but the famous scene in "The Bridge On The River Kwai" when the British prisoners march into camp whistling, was because they couldn't sing the "dirty" lyrics. Which was
a wonderful happenstance, as the troops whistling in to the parade ground is one of the
most iconic moments in screen history.
Coldnorth MikefromJersey 6 months ago
I agree. Can’t get the tune out of my head when I hear it
dmarkwind 6 months ago
8/10 by just guessing. Obscure stuff. Don't remember ever hearing any of these second verses before. Next they can quiz about the Lyrics to the M*A*S*H theme or Star Trek the original series. Did Gilligan's Island's theme song have another verse or was that "So join us here each week my friends...."
Mark 6 months ago
5 out of 10. Never heard these verses before.
Wendy57 6 months ago
This was a tough one.
I can’t believe they used the word swank in The Beverly Hillbillies theme song. That’s a new one on me.
Never watched Cheers, Friends, or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
dmarkwind Wendy57 6 months ago
Swank rhymes with bank as in "Next door neighbor's the president of the bank" from #6.
Wendy57 dmarkwind 6 months ago
Or ………… “ Granny can sometimes be a crank”. ( just kidding ) ☺️
CaptainDunsel 6 months ago
I didn't exactly perk up on #3, and #9 kicked me even lower.
Runeshaper 6 months ago
9/10 Love Cheers and Friends!

Sounds to me like you're a theme song champ!
frenchman71 6 months ago
6/10. I didn't watch Friends or Cheers.
cperrynaples 6 months ago
Fun Fact: There are extra lyrics for the Carol Burnett theme, but they are rarely sung! She did the whole song on the final show! [ "...comes the time we have to say so long!"]!
SparkleMotion 6 months ago
I had to guess on every single one, but I got a 9/10. TV theme songs must have long versions I've never heard of. .. I missed #5 Swank.
Well, SparkleMotion, I'd say that was some mighty swanky guessin' on your part to get 9/10!
Why thank you IndianaRockz. ... I thought they had made up a word for the quiz. Then when it was the right answer I still thought it was made up to rhyme with bank, but as you probably already knew, it's a word. I can picture Granny gettin riled up if anyone had said her house was "swank". That sounds like fightin words!
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