Where are these M*A*S*H characters from?

Put M*A*S*H on the map!


You know and love the show and all its characters. How could you not? M*A*S*H is one of the great ensemble casts of all time. Each character is incredibly well-written and clearly defined. We get to know them all really well, and they feel like real people with real backgrounds.

So, how well do you remember where these characters are from? We'll give you a little help... it's a multiple-choice quiz, after all. But it's your job to pick the right hometown for each one! 

Good luck, have fun, and be sure to brag about your score in the comments section below!

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  1. Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce
  2. "Trapper" John McIntyre
  3. B.J. Hunnicutt
  4. Henry Blake
  5. Sherman T. Potter
  6. Frank Burns
  7. Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan
  8. Charles Winchester III
  9. Walter "Radar" O'Reilly
  10. Father Mulcahy
  11. Maxwell Klinger

Where are these M*A*S*H characters from?

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WGH 6 months ago
Missed the Trapper John one. I don't remember that ever being mentioned in the series. The movie maybe?
PDCougar 6 months ago
The answer provided for #5 isn't correct. Col. Potter's hometown was mentioned in the series as being Hannibal, Missouri, which is on the opposite side of the state from Lee's Summit (and I don't think the name of Lee's Summit was ever mentioned at all by any character in the entire series). But that's not counting the one earlier time Potter claimed to be from Nebraska. Or even River Bend, Missouri, where Potter, Klinger, and Mulcahy ended up in the fall of 1953. (Speaking of which: What would it take for MeTV to add those long-absent 12th and 13th seasons of the "M*A*S*H" saga to the channel's lineup sometime?)
WGH PDCougar 6 months ago
Not going to happen because they sucked. Sorry. It is true. They were god-awful.
Cougar90 6 months ago
10 out of 11. Missed one for B.J. and had to guess the one of Father Mulcahey.
Raad816 7 months ago
10/11 like everyone else, missed the Father Mulcahey one...
Hawkeye is the only one from a fictional town, Crabapple Cove, Maine.
Jerryfan 7 months ago
10/11 I spaced on Father Mulcahy and picked the wrong PA town.
WGH Jerryfan 6 months ago
I'm from Western Pennsylvania so that one was easy for me. I forgot where Trapper was from. And he's my favorite Damned character. I named my dog trapper.
MadMadMadWorld 7 months ago
11/11 Piece of Cake! No real difficult ones, but I did not know the city for Col. Sherman T. Poter, knowing he was from Missouri, but not Lee's Summit (city) exactly. Was that city mentioned in any episode, as I know I saw all 251 from the start (1972 before he got there, until it ended in 1983) but never heard that city mentioned. The other interesting one was Margaret, as an army "brat" there was only one army choice: Fort Ord, CA; but she once mentioned she was living on a number of Army bases, so I never heard which one she was born. So, I learned now, which one! And I realized that Capt. Trapper John McIntyre and Maj. Charles Winchester III were both from Boston. Trapper was leaving when Charles came on, so they never got to exchange experiences from their same home town. The other 4 main characters frequently mentioned their home towns; Capt. Pierce, Hunnicutt, Cpl. O'Reilly, and Klinger were easy. I'll bet many were stumped by Maj. Frank Burns, as he mentioned his home town only twice or maybe thrice in his few years on the series. Good show, MeTV to do this quiz! Has nothing to do with me getting a perfect score. ;)
I left out Father (Lt.) Francis Mulcahy (#10). He mentioned his home town the fewest times out of maybe all the other characters, but I knew which one it was! And the hilarious Lt. Col. Henry Blake mentioned his hometown that was practically the real home of the late, great actor McLean Stevenson. On the series, Bloomington, IL and in real life, born in Normal, IL. The series took a hit when he quit after only 3 years (1972-75), and the world took a larger hit when he shockingly died at only 66 on Feb. 15, 1996. A day later (Feb. 16, 1996), by a remarkably, sad coincidence, the man who acted as Lt. Col. Blake in the original "M*A*S*H" (1970) movie, Roger Bowen, also died of a heart attack. McLean had his while recovering in a hospital from bladder cancer surgery.
hippie22 7 months ago
11/11 loved MASH and I got to live in S Korea as well!
Tracye 7 months ago
8/11 I should have done better smdh
James9 7 months ago
10/11 Missed the one on Father Mulcahy
MadMadMadWorld James9 7 months ago
He did mention his birth (home), but I bet it was the fewest times on the 251 episodes of any of the main characters! In contrast, Cpl. Max Klinger mentioned his probably the most times; with Cpl. Radar (Walter) O'Reilly coming in a close 2nd.
Charleshorse 7 months ago
That was pretty easy since most of them talked about their home towns constantly. Especially Klinger, ( Toledo ) Radar ( Ottumwa ) and Charles ( good old Boston ) :)
I'll bet the fewest times heard was Lt. Father (Francis) Mulcahy; some large Eastern and historic city characterized (or put down derisively) as "The City of Brotherly Love" when many times it is proven almost the opposite.
Capt. John ("Big John" in the famous "Adam's Ribs" episode) McIntyre, has the same home, but they paths were in opposite directions: Trapper left when Maj. Charles Winchester III arrived, so we never got to hear them debate the good/bad of their Boston home! What a pity!
Wufferduck 7 months ago
Early episodes of MASH had Hawkeye being born in Vermont.
lmahabhashyam Wufferduck 7 months ago
They did have him from Vermont, but they also had his mother alive and that he had a sister and later he had come from Maine and his father was a widower and he was an only child. Different writers and they didn’t look back at earlier stories.
Coldnorth lmahabhashyam 7 months ago
I don’t understand why there isn’t a board or something like the pole with that kind of information on it. Gets confusing
MadMadMadWorld Wufferduck 7 months ago
I never once heard him say he was from Vermont. Only Crabapple Cove, Maine. I'd like to know which early (1972 only?) episode(s) mentioned Vermont!
I heard Hawkeye mention he was from Vermont maybe a couple of times. Pretty sure it was in the first season He also mentioned his mother as if she was alive
Jeffrey 7 months ago
"You got 10 out of 11" -------"Hey, well done! You're making the rest of us look bad!" I got #2 wrong because I thought Trapper John was from the South, with that Southern accent of his.
MadMadMadWorld Jeffrey 7 months ago
You confused the actor (the late, great Wayne Rogers born in Birmingham, AL) with his character, Capt. Trapper John McIntyre, from Boston! A common error to make with the character more well-known than the actor himself!
KawiVulc 7 months ago
10/11 and I'd still like to see MeTV cut it back to a half hour a day...
Jeffrey KawiVulc 7 months ago
Or no hours a day, would suit me fine. I'm sick and tired of it. Especially Alan Alda.
MadMadMadWorld KawiVulc 7 months ago
Somebody forcing you two to WATCH the series in any of its hours shown? If there is, just tell that guy to stop forcing you! [get the idea now?}
And what else are they going to show? The A Team? Happy Days? Those shows suck ( imho )
frenchman71 7 months ago
10/11. I got Trapper's town wrong. But I don't remember him saying he was from Boston. That would make 2 people from Boston...Trapper & Winchester. And Trapper had a bit of a southern drawl.
You also conflated the actor Wayne Rogers (from Birmingham, AL) from his Boston character as Capt. Trapper John McIntyre. Trapper did say on occasions that he was from Boston--and that also goes for Maj. Charles Winchester III. But the two were never together on an episode, with Trapper leaving when Charles was arriving. A pity they could have had a debate on their hometown, the good/bad, which would have been terrific tv! I wonder how many millions of people still can't separate an actor from his character played on a tv series?
I knew Trapper & Winchester were never together. Frank Burns character would stay on for 2 more years when he decided to leave and Winchester came aboard. And I've been reviewing my MASH collection and Trapper did tell a patient he was from Boston. That was from the 3rd season, "Mad Dogs & Servicemen".
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