Can you tell what show Stuart Margolin is in?

Margolin played any and all types of roles on TV. Can you pinpoint them with this quiz?


Stuart Margolin, who passed away Monday, Dec. 12, 2022 was a character actor that made several appearances on classic television. The two-time Emmy-winning actor was good friends with Maverick star James Garner and could be seen on screen with him in several works. 

He is likely best remembered for his time on The Rockford Files as the untrustworthy friend of Jim Rockford, played by Garner. From The Rockford Files to Love, American Style, can you tell what show the talented Stuart Margolin is featured in?

  1. What show is Margolin featured in here?
  2. What about here?
     Image: NBC Universal Television Distribution
  3. Here he's in...
  4. What show is Margolin on in this image?
  5. What Western is Margolin in?
  6. What sci-fi show is he in here?
  7. Here he is in an episode of...
  8. What anthology series is he in here?
  9. This sitcom is...
     Image: MTM Enterprises / 20th Television
  10. What show is Margolin in here?
     Image: Paramount Television
  11. Finally, this is Margolin in...
     Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Can you tell what show Stuart Margolin is in?

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Bethois 15 months ago
Why does no one ever mention Stuart Margolin's greatest part, in the original Mel Brooks film, "The Producers"? One of the funniest films ever made--and if you haven't seen it, you MUST!!!!!
Mike Bethois 15 months ago
I first saw The Producers when it came out in 1968.
I've seen it many times in the years since.
Stuart Margolin isn't in it.
I've been running up and down the cast list, trying to figure out who you've got him mixed up with.
Bethois Mike 15 months ago
You are correct, Mike! I got him mixed up with Dick Shawn!!!!
Bethois Mike 15 months ago
Here's a scene with Dick Shawn with Renee Taylor:
jfms99 15 months ago
What was Angel’s first name.
scp 16 months ago
Eleven out of eleven, and I've only watched two of these shows (and only remember him being in one of those).
MikefromJersey 16 months ago
9 for 11.
MeTV, please run Nichols, James Garner said it was the best TV he ever did.
Running it once a week like you do with The Fugitive, you can stretch out it's one
season worth of episodes to a year, with the initial showing then the repeats.
Stuart Margolin was also on Nichols, don't believe all his obits, his "Angel"
character had it's genesis on Nichols.
rahaindy 16 months ago
9/11. Loved him on Rockford.
Jeffrey 16 months ago
''You got 6 out of 11'' ---------Margolin was all over classic television. Did you know what show he was on, based on all these images? Not really. I got 1, 5, 6, 7, and 10 wrong.
AndreaZ 16 months ago
9 out of 11. Although I got the Matlock question correct, I don't remember him on Matlock. Guessed a lot based on attire and how old/young he looked as clues. The only gimmie was the Rockford Files.
JHP 16 months ago
6/11 - but when he played that char on MTM show - so hilarious:)

some more comedy talent went up to wherever
Michael 16 months ago
#7, he almost looks like a Romulan from Star Trek
CreatureFeatureFan 16 months ago
Missed 5 & 6. I adore this man.
Dayna 16 months ago
8/11 RIP Stuart! I loved you as Angel.
ncadams27 16 months ago
I believe #2 is from the Rockford Files pilot - Backlash of the Hunter.
Michael 16 months ago
Nothing from "These Arms of Mine" from 2000? Well, the CBC. Stuart plays a guy who came to Canada to avoid the draft. And he's running for Vancouver city council. Seemed kind of Angelish, but I've not seen it since it was first on. But he's not the main character. He directed some episodes.

The stories about him told us he was living in Canada.
CaptainDunsel 16 months ago
Anyone recognize this one? (No fair looking it up!)
LoveMETV22 CaptainDunsel 16 months ago
Well, I remember it was a show he was in with Art Carney, Stuart, played a rabbi. Can't remember the name though.
Michael LoveMETV22 16 months ago
Lanigan's Rabbi.

But, Stuart only played the rabbi in the pilot. Bruce Solomon was the rabbi for the rest of 4 episode series.

But Janet Margolin was in it.
RS1515 16 months ago
10 out of 11. I remember seeing him in a lot of TV shows.
JohnGrant 16 months ago
8 and a few guesses but sad I didn't recognize him from the Monkee's with who looks like Nita Talbot
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