Only a Leave It to Beaver expert can finish these Eddie Haskell lines with the right nickname

Sam, Squirt, Lover, Muscles and Gladys are just a few of the nicknames Eddie Haskell has in store for Wally Cleaver.

There was only one Eddie Haskell. The trouble-making and name-calling best friend of Wally Cleaver on Leave It to Beaver has been a fan favorite on classic television for decades upon decades. 

His instant comedic relief was a big hit on the family-friendly sitcom. He was known for poking fun at the Beaver and calling everyone, including parents, nicknames. 

Some of the frequent nicknames included "Sam" for Wally and "squirt" for Beaver. Several others made their way into the show as well, resulting in several laughs every single time. Ken Osmond said the fake names effortlessly, making the impact even funnier. 

Below are several images of Eddie from Leave It to Beaver along with lines from that scene. Using both, see if you can complete Eddie's lines with the correct nickname from each scene! 

Good luck, Sam! 

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  1. Wally tells Eddie his father said he should wear a tie. Eddie responds, "OK put it on. You can always ditch it when you get out of sight of _______"
  2. When Lumpy and Wally compliment Eddie's new high-end shoes in the episode "Eddie Quits School," Eddie replies, "They're not a pair of sneakers _______"
  3. In the same episode, Eddie is working at an auto shop. As the success rushes to his head, he takes a customer's convertible over to Wally's house. When Wally says he needs to return it before he gets fired, Eddie says, "Don't get hasty _____"
  4. When Wally worries about Lumpy driving Ward's car off the main road, backseat-driver Eddie says, "Relax, _________ this comes right back out on the main drag!"
  5. When Eddie picks up Wally for their first day at a new weekend job, Eddie walks in and says, "Let's go ______, the business world awaits!"
  6. When Eddie discovers fake cheese slices that Beaver put in party sandwiches, he thinks Wally did it, and says "Very funny ______, very funny" in a sarcastic tone. What does he call Wally here?
  7. After Wally gets Eddie a job parking cars, Eddie begins to make jokes about the clients, before the job even starts which worries Wally. To calm him down, Eddie says, "Kidding ______, kidding!"
  8. After Eddie uses his fancy credit card to buy a car battery for Wally, Wally paid him cash for it. Eddie was supposed to return the money to his father to pay the bill. When Wally is set to get in trouble, he drives to Eddie's house. On approach Eddie says, "What do ya say, _____?"

Only a Leave It to Beaver expert can finish these Eddie Haskell lines with the right nickname

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BorisK 1 month ago
5/8 Gertrude ... guess I need to re-watch some Eddie-sodes!
carvermatic 1 month ago
8/8 I’m swingin’ with the big shots!
LoveMETV22 1 month ago
I'd say " Sam " was definitley one of Eddies favorites.
Dugan 1 month ago
Perfect score. Haven’t watched since I was a kid. Guess I just talk like Eddie
MadMadMadWorld 1 month ago
6/8 #5 and #7. I don't recall him saying 'Cornelius' on #5, or 'Alice' on #7.
I thought that last one was the famous 'Sam' insult offered as an answer. But I got #8, 'Stella'!"
vinman63 1 month ago
He was too creepy for June Cleaver.
MadMadMadWorld vinman63 1 month ago
No, just too polite and sappily disingenuous, which made her suspicious of him. And rightly so! "That's a very pretty dress you're wearing, Mrs. Cleaver!"
Exactly. I’ve not watched very many episodes of LITB but the ones I saw, especially when Beav was little, June definitely had his number. I can’t tell you which episode it was, but I do specifically remember on at least one occasion June calling Eddie’s smarmy sucking-up act out to Ward. Ward seem to almost give Eddie a pass, saying June might be imagining more to it, but June’s body language (and possible side-eye) in response was a 1950s “Oh Bulls**t Ward!”.
LoveMETV22 BuckeyeBeth7 1 month ago
Lol. I think June mentioned her take on Eddie in several episodes ( non- specific).
Hey Gertrude, I got 7 out of 8 !! Now I can mingle with the bigshots!
Jimo 1 month ago
Wow,shocked myself 7/8.....nice dress your wearing Mrs.Cleaver.
MadMadMadWorld Jimo 1 month ago
I just wrote something very close to that same idea, Elwood!
"That's a very pretty dress you're wearing, Mrs. Cleaver!"
AgingDisgracefully 1 month ago
Good result. (Score reporting by itself is dull.)
Some I remembered. Others I got correctly by tapping into my own Inner Eddie.
Ya feel me, Chumley?
JamesDean59 1 month ago
8/8 Great show!
Innocent, no cell phones or social media. Clean "wished I could go back to" living.
retro6 1 month ago
8/8 I can hear Eddie in my dreams!
Brysonsmom 1 month ago
Got all 8! Typical Eddie! Oh, I have always loved that show!
francolaguna1 1 month ago
We all had a friend like Eddie - Dads saw right through them. My buddy was David. Everytime he left our house my Dad would complain about him and warned me of the consequences of being like David. Crazy but my Dad was 100% right! I 🎯
KJExpress 1 month ago
7/8. I guessed at most of them.
Good quiz. However, after checking the subtitles and a transcript of The Parking Attendants episode, I would differ with your answer to question #7. In that episode, both sources I checked say the words Eddie says in that exchange with Wally are "I was." As in "Kidding, I was kidding." Not, "Kidding, Alice, kidding." I wouldn't disagree with you if those sources I checked hadn't said what they did. He doesn't enunciate so it does sound like Alice as he's sort of saying it as he's kind of rushing to get out of the room.

As for all his nicknames, you can find them in my new, nearly 500 page book called, "The World Famous Beaverpedia."

It's the #1 bestseller in the Amazon TV books section right now
Not really #1. Don't lie, Clyde! The highest ranking in any of the 3 categories listed is #15 in TV Guides & Reviews. Dec. 11, 2022.
It was #1 in that section for about 24 hours on the day I posted my comment. Right now, it's not. I posted either on December 7th or 8th. If you want screenshots, I've got them. But I'm not going to waste my time sending them to you.
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