Can you tell what show Parley Baer, Mayor of Mayberry, is in?

From his authoritative roles to his laid-back ones, can you tell what show this classic TV veteran is in?

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He's known in Mayberry as the mayor, but classic television fans know Parley Baer from several sitcoms, Westerns and dramas. 

He had a reputation for playing mayors in several shows throughout his five-decade career as an actor. He could also be seen as other responsible figures such as doctors and judges. 

Below are several screen-shots of Baer in shows across classic television. Using his outfits, facial expressions and any other clues you may find, try to guess what show he's featured in!

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  1. What show is Baer in here as the character Bryant. He looks on as a big fight takes place.
  2. In this show, Baer plays a shareholder of a newspaper. What show is he in here?
  3. This is one of his several roles as a mayor. In this shot, he takes a couple putts inside his office. What show is this?
  4. Here he is in...
  5. In this Western, he wakes up in the middle of the night demanding his merchandise back. What show is he in here?
  6. Here, he sends a main character out of his office, where he works for a phone company. What show is this?
  7. As a judge here, he has to remind someone on the stand "You are under oath!" What show is this image from?
  8. This is him in...
  9. As a Lt. Governor, he pays the welcoming committee of Hooterville a visit. What show is it in?
  10. Finally, here he is as mayor in...

Can you tell what show Parley Baer, Mayor of Mayberry, is in?

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