Build your own Christmas episode, and we'll tell you which decade you were born

You're in charge of writing a Christmas episode!

Have you ever watched a Christmas episode and thought, "Wow, I could write something much better than this!" Now is the opportunity to put your best foot forward and build a holiday episode! You get to pick from three choices in each question and choose from some pretty cool plots.

To make this even more fun, based on your answer choices, we will guess which decade you were born in. Remember, have fun taking this quiz and let us know if we were right in the comments.

  1. What's the genre of your show?
  2. What's the plot of your Christmas episode?
  3. As the episode begins, what will viewers see first?
  4. What's the setting of the episode?
  5. When presented with the problem, what will your main character say?
  6. When the main character's first plan fails, what will they do next?
  7. After finding a solution, what will happen next?
  8. How often would Christmas be mentioned throughout the episode?
  9. What's the name of your episode?
  10. What's the name of your show?

Build your own Christmas episode, and we'll tell you which decade you were born

Your Result...

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Moverfan 6 months ago
"You were born in the seventies! Are we right?"

Ding-dong, you're wrong [and I'm quoting Oscar the Grouch...good lord]. I was born in 1962--in fact, I just turned 61. My sister and brother-in-law were born in the seventies, though...August of 1975 and September of 1974, respectively.
24JayBabi4 8 months ago
I got "in the 60's" and it was dead spot on!!! Good show...
Lillyrose 10 months ago
I got 1960s. I was born in 1970.
WilliamJorns 11 months ago
I was born in 1958. My quiz answers had me being born in the 1960's. So much for accuracy...
wrs44145 11 months ago
Me-TV got it right - 1960's
ma2lyssa 11 months ago
I was just barely born in the 60s (1969) but they got it right. The result was the 60s.
Jan65 11 months ago
Wrong, I was not born in the 60's, I was born in the 50's.
Hollie 11 months ago
they got it right 60's i dont no about the rest of you my age but im not liking this 2nd part of life lol i had more fun before 50 and felt better
purplegirl20 11 months ago
Well done, you got it right. I was born in the 60's.
DixieDiva7 11 months ago
Good job guessing you got it right I am a 1966 baby
Concrete64 11 months ago
1958, 60s guess is close enough.
TSeym22 11 months ago
1960s, they got it right for me, too.
SheriHeffner 11 months ago
1960s Correct. I love sitcoms.
Actin4right 11 months ago
Almost I was born 1957. You said 60's.
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