Who said it: Otis Campbell or Ernest T. Bass?

Can you tell these fan-favorite characters apart by their lines alone?

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Mayberry's finest don't have to deal with too much trouble in their small quiet town. Sheriff Taylor doesn't even carry a weapon, and his deputy only has one bullet!

When trouble does arise in Mayberry, there's a pair of likely culprits: Otis Campbell and Ernest T. Bass. 

Campbell is known for spending plenty of time behind bars for stirring up trouble after a few too many. With Bass, there's no telling what caused his latest arrest! 

Though their characters are different in a lot of ways, these cellmates are similar in some. Sometimes, given no context, it might be difficult to tell which character said what lines, as both can say some pretty wild stuff! 

Look at the lines from The Andy Griffith Show below and determine if Otis or Ernest said them. 

Good luck!

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  1. Who said: "Sorry, tonight's choir practice."
  2. Who said: "Charlene, look out here. Can you see me?"
  3. Who said: "Why don't he spend his time putting down crime instead of destroying good liquor?"
  4. Who said: "By golly I'm going down to Davis' store to cut that charge account off right now!"
  5. Who said: "Just trying to help... Can't do enough for our boys in khaki."
  6. Who said: "I can do chin-ups, I'm the best rock-thrower in the county and I'm saving up for a gold tooth!"
  7. Who said: "But I like you both, you're both my good friends and I'm glad to be with you. This is my birthday."
  8. Who said: "I'm a little mean, but I make up for it by being real healthy."
  9. Who said: "You know what is the truth sheriff? As clever and as good looking as I am, I just can't get a girl."
  10. Who said: "I wouldn't waste two dollars on something that didn't have a cork in it."

Who said it: Otis Campbell or Ernest T. Bass?

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Rayof808 3 months ago
BTW, Howard Morris was a gifted cartoon voice and also a very successful director...Hal Smith was a very good character actor and the farthest thing from a drunk in real life !
Rayof808 3 months ago
10/10 -- one of the easiest quizzes I've seen... Fun too !
Steve2021 3 months ago
10/10 "I'm sorry I broke your heart Mother"......Barney's in Jail !
QazWiz 7 months ago
it was close, i wasn't sure on one of them (not able to get a girl) but most were slam dunks,,,
(or Slam Drunks?).
SterettKMX 8 months ago
10 of 10, Not too hard if you know the character's personality.
STTOS 8 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 - Did you like the score you got, or would you rather lock it up? I've said it before and I'll say it again, I know my TAGS!! :) But seriously, took an educated guess on #5 but knew all the others.
nerakr 9 months ago
QazWiz nerakr 7 months ago
should have mentioned which you missed :(
dominicanbride1 9 months ago
Yay..10/10. Otis an rock throwing Ernest t bass
Shalyn 11 months ago
Has anyone noticed that in the episode that introduced Ernest T. Bass, he throws a rock wrapped with a note he has written. (He wants to marry Charlene Darling, who already is married to Dud Wash) But in a later episode he can’t read or write and wants to go to school so he can get a diploma.
Jan65 11 months ago
I'm so sick and tired of watching tv shows where everyone that was on the show is dead. It's depressing. You need some later shows.
David Jan65 8 months ago
Ummm . . . No
mda Jan65 8 months ago
The older shows are so much better than the newer ones. No comparison.
a1k9 11 months ago
10/10 i think that I know everything any the Andy Griffith Show.
Spaceseed 11 months ago
Ernest T was just misunderstood.
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