Can you tell the difference between Led Zeppelin songs and Flintstones episodes?

They both liked to use the word "Rock."

Anyone who has listened to "Rock and Roll" and "When the Levee Breaks" knows that "Bamm-Bamm" would make an apt nickname for John Bonham. Led Zeppelin had a little bit of caveman in their shaggy appearance, but the Flintstones comparisons do not stop there.

Both Led Zeppelin and The Flintstones cartoon were fond of the word "Rock." It can be difficult telling their titles apart.

Try for yourself and see if you are a truck Bedrockstar! 

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  1. "Adobe Dick"
  2. "Hop Happy"
  3. "Misty Mountain Hop"
  4. "Foxy Grandma"
  5. "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp"
  6. "The Crunge"
  7. "The Prowler"
  8. "The Twitch"
  9. "Hot Dog"
  10. "The Hot Piano"
  11. "Living Loving Maid"
  12. "Fool in the Rain"
  13. "Candy Store Rock"
  14. "Flash Gun Freddie"
  15. "Boogie with Stu"
  16. "Love Letters on the Rocks"

Can you tell the difference between Led Zeppelin songs and Flintstones episodes?

Your Result...

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harlow1313 9 days ago
I liked The Flintstones as a boy, but liked it less as the seasons progressed. I did not care for Pebbles, Bam Bam, Hoppy, nor the Great Gazoo. The earlier episodes aren't too bad.

When Pebbles and Bam Bam "performed," "Let the Sun Shine In," that was more than I could take. Even as a dim bulb boy, I disliked such sap.
jerome 10 days ago
16 out of 16, but when you play guitar in a Led Zeppelin Tribute Band...
MartinRohrbach 10 days ago
Been a Led Hed since 1970-something, so this quiz was easier than falling off a barstool. 16/16! ;)
They took the barstools away in my state 😉😊
David 10 days ago
You got 16 out of 16
Are you doing "The Twitch" in victory or "The Crunge" while cringing?
Brian 10 days ago
Arguably the best quiz published by MeTV....a 5min respite from their phones by my teenage boys. They loved this quiz!!!
AgingDisgracefully 10 days ago
Once, there was a bustle in the hedgerow and Fred was bitten by an as yet unidentified prehistoric varmint.
kimmer 11 days ago
11/16....I was stoned your Honor!!!
Johnnysynth 11 days ago
16 of 16, pretty easy if you know Zeppelin.
WordsmithWorks 12 days ago
15 out of 16 (missed "Candy Store Rock." No I am off to dig up some old cassette tapes and my boom box.
Likewise, I should have known that was on Presence
JERRY6 13 days ago
12 of 16 , my zep albums shoul go up in flames for such a bad result
dictracy 13 days ago
13/16 I know zip about zepplin, so not bad guesses
trogg888 13 days ago
im pretty sure the name of tha t zep song was misty mountain top not hop
DisneyDreamer trogg888 12 days ago
Its Hop 👍☺
jerome trogg888 10 days ago
yep, Hop.
trogg888 trogg888 7 days ago
yeah i was wrong .looked it up after i said that.considering i played in acover band and we played zep songs oh well
frenchman71 13 days ago
13/16. #16 was from a song out at the time, "Love Letters in the Sand" by Pat Boone from 1957. Shoulda done better.
KellyShort 14 days ago
You got 16 out of 16
I know Zeppelin
Johnnyfever1 14 days ago
16-16 all hail The Great Zeppelin!🤘
Let us all rejoice in getting 16/16 by doing the Misty Mountain Hop!
C2Cigars 14 days ago
Was super easy for a big Led Zep fan.
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