Do you know who sings these Flintstones songs?

These tunes can get stuck in your head for ages – and it's about to pay off!

Bedrock may be the unofficial music capital of the Stone Age; the town played host to a bevy of musical guests, acts, and even gave the Flinstones the chance to be in the limelight. Even from its earliest season, the show boasted plenty of tunes and some big names to boot. We want to know if you remember who was singing these songs on The Flintstones.

We've gathered the names of the characters (not necessarily the guest stars themselves) who have been on the show and contributed their musical gifts. 

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  1. Who sings the Rockenschpeel Jingle for the new television program for housewives?
  2. In "The Hot Piano", who does Fred enlist to help him celebrate his and Wilma's anniversary with a rousing song?
  3. A new dance move sweeps over Bedrock when the hit song "The Twitch" hits the airwaves. Which character sang this number on the show?
  4. In "The Girls' Night Out", an amusement park souvenir turns into a top-of-the-chart hit called "The Rockin' Bird." His stage name is Hi-Fye, but who is the real singer of the song?
  5. This singer takes Fred's signature phrase and turns into a hit song called "Yabba-Dabba-Doo!" Which special guest sang this song?
  6. When a case of amnesia brings out a new side to this character, they sing the Sextet piece from the opera Lucia di Lammermore. Who sang the terrible rendition of this opera classic?
  7. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm surprise their families when despite not being able to talk, they can play and sing this catchy kid's song. What song were they singing?
  8. In this special episode of The Flintstones, this guest star uses her sweet voice to sing a lullaby to Pebbles and a rousing rendition of "Ain't Gonna Be Your Fool No More". Which special guest are we talking about?
  9. In the episode "Masquerade Party", a band from out of this galaxy sings a track that matches their band name. Do you remember the name of this spacey bunch?
  10. When Fred and Barney attempt to open a restaurant on the sly, they end up with more than they bargained for with the Car Hop Song. Do you know the names of the characters who originally sang this?
  11. This real-life group performed their song "Laugh, Laugh" while Fred inspired a new dance craze in Bedrock. What is the Stone-Age name of the group?

Do you know who sings these Flintstones songs?

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Gayleistoons 1 month ago
10/11...Charlie and Irving called instead
terrance935 41 months ago
Perfect score
I know my flintstones episodes
Even at 60 yrs old
Countrygirl 41 months ago
Ten out of eleven I know my tunes
JERRY6 43 months ago
9 of 11 yabba dabba dooi I k\now my rock
DerekBird 44 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Yabba-Dabba-Doo!!! You really know your "rock" tunes!
Joe 47 months ago
Love her OR hate her (I'm on the love side for the obvious superficial reasons), Kim Kardashian is a GREAT Betty Rubble!
Gayleistoons Joe 1 month ago
Gross because ger character, but far better than the other lol
Joe 47 months ago
I will hang my head in shame for the rest of the day.
Amalthea 48 months ago
I haven't been able to watch this show since I was a teenager watching with my little brother back around 1980...and yet, from memory (no guesses) I got 9/11!
Allison 48 months ago
8/11 guessed on a lot of them
STTOS 48 months ago
You got 6 out of 11 - Not too shabby! You've got a good ear for those Stone Age tunes! Guessed on most of them and not really a big fan or very familiar with The Flintstones so I will take this score.
MarkSpeck 48 months ago
10 out of 11. Didn't remember anyone else singing the burger jingle, aside from Wilma and Betty, and I've seen the episodes multiple times.
DeeOrcutt RobCertSDSCascap 47 months ago
Saw that episode the other evening, & had the tune stuck in my head for the rest of the night!
csaaphill 48 months ago
You got 9 out of 11
Yabba-Dabba-Doo!!! You really know your "rock" tunes!
DavidMichaelHugaert 48 months ago
11 out of 11 correct!!! I must know my Flintstones!!! :-)
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