Can you spot the one thing wrong in these Batman images?

Are you a good enough detective to spot the errors?

Holy optical illusion, Batman! There's a new villain on the loose named Shutterbug. His skill? Altering images from classic television shows!

Below you will find 14 screenshots from the classic 1966 Batman television series. One thing has been changed in each one. Since you are the greatest detective in Gotham, you should have no problem figuring it all all.

To the Bat-poles!
  1. How about this memorable mishap from "The Contaminated Cowl"?
  2. The Batmobile has just pulled up! What's wrong with it?
  3. What's going on with the Penguin and his men?
  4. Catwoman is having a cookout! But what's wrong here?
  5. Egads, Egghead! What's wrong here?
  6. Batgirl has joined the fold! But what's wrong here?
  7. Surf's up! But what's wrong?
  8. What's going on here, detective?
  9. Can you spot the problem here?
  10. There's a lot going on here, but can you spot the problem?
  11. Careful on the ledge!
  12. Wait! Before you answer that phone… tell us what's wrong with it!
  13. Meanwhile, on the other end of the phone…
  14. Finally, here's a shot from the opening credits. What is wrong?
Can you spot the one thing wrong in these Batman images?

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