Can you identify the TV show by the names of its animals?

Which series featured these creatures?

A family sitcom is nothing without a family pet. Thus, there have been so many famous dogs on the small screen. But it is not just television comedies that cast canines, and pooches are not the only pets seen on TV. There have been notable felines, fish, birds, horses, apes….

Well, we don't want to give too much away.

Below, you will find lists of animals names. All you have to do is pick the TV series that featured those creatures. Good luck!
  1. Fluffy & Tiger
  2. Buck & Cochise & Chub & Sport
  3. Dino & Baby Puss & Hoppy
  4. Igor & Spot & Charlie & Kitty
  5. Spray & Lorelei & Pelican Pete
  6. Razor & Blueboy
  7. Duke & Skipper & Cousin Bessie
  8. Arnold & Eleanor & Drobny & Mignon
  9. Clarence & Judy & Lydia
  10. Debbie the Boop
  11. Sophie & Blitzen & Daisy & Charles Lamb & Irving & Corporal Cupcake.
  12. Comet & Rocket & Martin & Shorty
Can you identify the TV show by the names of its animals?

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