Can you name the fictional TV town from its shops and businesses?

Welcome to small TV town, USA.

Sure, you could set your TV show in New York City like everybody else. But some TV shows go the extra mile and invent their own towns for their characters to live in.

Think you can recognize the fictional TV town by the names of shops and businesses you watched characters visit throughout TV history? 

Only the savviest navigators will be able to exit this quiz as Expert TV Tour Guides. Good luck!
  1. Which fictional town was home to Walker's Drug Store, Wally's Filling Station and Snappy Lunch?
  2. In which fictional town would you find the Penguin Protection Agency, Madam Soleil's Wax Museum and Laughing Leo's?
  3. Which fictional county was home to these establishments?
  4. Uncle Artie's Magic Shop, Parker's Pet Store and The White Fox were all shops and stops we saw in this idyllic TV town:
  5. The Lunch Box, Lobo Lounge and Rodbell's were all businesses set in:
  6. Which TV town is in the same region as Drucker's Store, The Shady Rest Hotel and Green Acres Farm?
  7. The Blue Whale, Eagle Hill Cemetery and Collinwood Mansion were all found in which fictional TV town?
  8. In which TV town would you find JJ's Diner, Paunch Burger and the Snakehole Lounge?
  9. The Double R Diner, Lamplighter Inn and the Great Northern Hotel were popular joints in which TV town?
  10. Last stop is this TV town, where you'd find Food Circus, The Bigger Jigger and Raycorp:

Can you name the fictional TV town from its shops and businesses?

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Snickers 33 months ago
9/10. Off to Hooterville for lunch with Oliver and Lisa.
EllisClevenger 66 months ago
You got Expert TV Tour Guide
With your detailed memory map of TV's best towns, we'd follow you to any channel.
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