Can you tell the difference between TV cowboys and teen idols?

There are a whole lot of Jesses and Johnnys.

Who could forget Matt Dillon? The rugged marshal kept the peace in Dodge City for twenty seasons of Gunsmoke. Or, wait, were you thinking of hunky young star of Rumble Fish and The Outsiders who could be found in Tiger Beat centerfolds and school lockers throughout the 1980s?

Come to think of it, TV cowboys and teen idols have rather similar sounding names. There seem to be a lot of guys called Jesse in both camps, no? 

To prove our point, we have wrangled a whole herd of American icons from the 1950s, '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s. Your job? Simply pick if it is the name of a TV cowboy or a teen idol.
  1. Rowdy Yates?
  2. Leif Garrett?
  3. Tommy Steele?
  4. Tommy Sands?
  5. Johnny Yuma?
  6. Jess Harper?
  7. Zachery Ty Bryan?
  8. Rider Strong?
  9. Rex Smith?
  10. Billy Blue?
  11. Johnny Madrid Lancer?
  12. Peter Barton?
  13. Sajid Khan?
  14. Hannibal Heyes?
  15. Luke Halpin?
  16. Cooper Smith?
  17. Reese Bennett?
Can you tell the difference between TV cowboys and teen idols?

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