Can you remember the correct colors of these classic TV cars?

Pick the correct paint colors!

You don't need a license to pass this quiz. All you need is experience on the couch, not behind a steering wheel.

We've parked some cool cars from classic TV in our garage. There's one problem — they've all been stripped of their color.

Help us paint these beautiful automobiles. Pick the correct colors from the palette to fill in the cars! Good luck!
  1. What color was the Monkeemobile on 'The Monkees'?
  2. What color was K.I.T.T. on 'Knight Rider'?
  3. What color was Magnum's Ferrari on 'Magnum, P.I.'?
  4. What color car did the Kato and the Green Hornet drive in 'The Green Hornet'?
  5. What color was the accent stripe on the A-Team's van?
  6. What color were the accent stripes on Adam West's Batmobile?
  7. Starting in season three, what color was Sonny's Ferrari Testarossa on 'Miami Vice'?
  8. What color was Jim's Firebird on 'The Rockford Files'?
  9. What color was the cool Dodge Challenger convertible driven by 'The Mod Squad'?
  10. What fiery color was Max's Sunbeam on 'Get Smart'?
  11. Fill in the Ford Torino from 'Starsky & Hutch' with the correct colors.
  12. The Fall Guy drove a two-tone pickup truck. What were the two tones?
  13. Here is the "Power Wagon" from Simon & Simon. Pick the correct color palette.

Can you remember the correct colors of these classic TV cars?

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Greyrock 29 months ago
11 out of 13, and half of those were a guess
DarioWiter 48 months ago
A perfect 13! 👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍 😁😁😁😁😁
Vamp13 60 months ago
13/13 the batmobile was white at first they changed it to orange / red when they went to color
BrittReid 60 months ago
12/13. Bad guess on the last question.
MrsPhilHarris 60 months ago
9/13 Most of these I have never seen.
Lucyneenah19701 60 months ago
6 out of 13. I didn’t watch most of those shows.
UnicornPrincess 60 months ago
7/13. I thought I knew my T.V. cars better!
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