Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1994?

It's Matlock vs. Seinfeld; The Nanny vs. The Fresh Prince. You pick who wins!

We have a magic device that can take you back a quarter century. It's called old television listings.

We dug through the network lineups from the fall of '94 to give you the choice all over again. Let's pretend you jump back 25 years. What would you watch on television? It's an important question.

Here are the options. See how your opinions compare to others!

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  1. We arrive on a Sunday evening, October 9. The time is 8PM. Let's watch some TV.
  2. Jump forward a day. It is now Monday, 8PM. Make a pick.
  3. Let's leap forward 24 hours. It is now Wednesday, 8PM, October 11. Here's what's on:
  4. We skip forward to December 14, a Wednesday. The time is 9PM. Let's see what's on TV.
  5. We skip back to Thursday, October 27, 8PM. There's a holiday on the horizon, obviously.
  6. After that wraps up, you continue to work on your Halloween costume. Pick something to watch.
  7. It's Friday evening, a couple weeks later. Why go out? Let's watch TV.
  8. Later that same evening, at 10PM…
  9. Before going to sleep, you should watch some late-night television. Checking the listing for November 11…
  10. You wake up the following morning and remember — Saturday morning cartoons! Pick some children's television for 11AM.
  11. You head to the mall for most of Saturday but come home to watch TV at 10PM. Here are the options:

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1994?

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Angie 21 months ago
Wow. Other than "Roseanne" and "Unsolved Mysteries" I never watched any of these shows. I was busy in the 90s.😄
Angela Angie 18 months ago
Same! I watched those two shows as well, but none of the rest. Yeah, the 90's were a busy time here as well.
idkwut2use 22 months ago
48% similar (Felt very strongly about some, while others were tougher and I'd probably pop back and forth during commercials.)
Rickey 22 months ago
66% similar
66% similar to the most popular responses
ValT 22 months ago
Couldn't finish. There are too many where my choice would be to turn off the TV & read a book.
JimB 22 months ago
Let's jump 24 hours from Monday and now it's Wednesday? Also, Touched by an Angel aired on Sunday nights. Not Wednesdays.
Runeshaper 25 months ago
70% similar
70% similar to the most popular responses
dth1971 26 months ago
What about for Saturday morning in 1994: Power Rangers on FOX Kids or Sonic the Hedgehog on ABC Kids or Beethoven the Animated Series on CBS Kids or Saturday Today on NBC?
DaveBunzel 26 months ago
If you jump 24 hours ahead from Monday, it'd be Tuesday, not Wednesday. Do you people ever check your content or research what you're posting? Seems like every week there's at least a handful of stupid errors. Or, to put it in your own vernacular, "it looks like you spent way too much time watching TV instead of going to school. Better luck next time."
Mydoglucky9 26 months ago
80% If I hadn't picked Full House I would have gotten 100%.
UTZAAKE 26 months ago
3. Wings.
5. My older brother watched My So-Called Life religiously.
6. Watched too many Seinfeld episodes. My sanity hasn't recovered since then.
8. Homicide: Life on the Street one of my all-time favorites. Detective Bayliss played by Kyle Secor. Lauren Tom was the goth who made love in coffins.
9. Nightline usually 30 minutes, so probably caught The Cranberries in back half of Late Show. Al Green's best late-night TV appearances were on Letterman's show.
11. Sisters (just a handful of episodes).
Didn't watch any of the shows on this quiz not mentioned in my comment.
Amalthea UTZAAKE 22 months ago
1. Didn't really watch any of them; went with Simpsons.
2. Same; went with "Fresh Prince" (which I did start watching in syndication around 2005.)
3. I watched both "Wings" and "Rescue 911"; went with "Wings".
4. "Touched By an Angel" was the only one I watched.
5. "Mad About You" was the only one I watched.
6. Didn't watch either; went with "Matlock" because I couldn't stand "Seinfeld".
7. Didn't watch any of them; went with "Unsolved Mysteries".
8. Same; went with "Picket Fences".
9. Same; went with "Leno".
10. It was close between Bugs & Garfield; went with Bugs.
11. "Walker: Texas Ranger" was the only one I watched.
stephaniestavropoulos 26 months ago
Question #3: I've only seen the commercial for it a couple of times, {so I am not 100% certain. For those of you that are interested in viewing any/all things William Shatner, next month Heroes & Icons are supposed to be airing Rescue 911. Like I said, I'm not 100% certain When I saw it listed, I immediately remembered this.
Shatner also has a new series called The UnXplained on the History channel.
JimB stephaniestavropoulos 22 months ago
If you have Get TV, you can see it there as well
packrat1 26 months ago
43% similar because there was no choice labeled "I like to read". Honestly, I fudged the quiz with a couple choices that I would NEVER have watched, plus a few shows I wasn't really "into" back then unlike today. But the only one for sure we were watching was Lois and Clark. Never missed it.
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