Can you recite the Halloween poem from The Addams Family?

From witches to bats, there's no shortage of Halloween spirit in this classic poem.

When you add classic TV and Halloween together, The Addams Family certainly comes to mind.

In the season one episode "Halloween with the Addams Family," robbers end up at 001 Cemetary Lane. When the Addams family sees them hiding in the bushes (from the police), they have only one thought: They simply must be out trick or treating!

Without hesitation, Gomez invites the criminals in for a night of Halloween fun. Before any Halloween festivities can take place, including bobbing for crabs, the annual Halloween poem must be recited. 

Can you fill in the blanks to this poem? Even if it gets cut short, "no Halloween would be quite complete without it."

Good luck!

  1. It was Halloween _____
  2. And through the _____
  3. Not a creature was _____
  4. Not even a _____
  5. _____ are hung
  6. On the _____ with care
  7. To guide _____ witch
  8. As she _____ through the air
  9. And she calls out to them: Come _____, come flutter
  10. Come flapper and _____
  11. Come chitter come _____
  12. Come _____ vampire!

Can you recite the Halloween poem from The Addams Family?

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Spock123 1 month ago
I hardly remember the episode except how the children dressed. Ya gotta love Don Rickles, that guy never changes. Tim in California.
LoveMETV22 1 month ago
MeTV could do a quiz with their own classic poem like a spin on " The 13 Days of Halloween...."
1. On the first day of Halloween my " boo" love gave to me...A Buzzard in a dead tree. 🎃🎃
cheduff 1 month ago
This episode was today!! It was the last one this afternoon as part of ME TV’s Sunday afternoon Svengoolie Boonanza Block Party.
retro6 1 month ago
7/12. Don’t know this episode
justjeff 1 month ago
9/12...because I don't know the poem... I simply guessed...
Peter_Falk_Fan 1 month ago
9/12 Mostly guesses. I thought the skeletons would be hanging from the gallows.
RobertK 1 month ago
8 of 12. Better than I figured I would do since, like some others, I didn't remember the poem. I raced through the quiz, too fast until I realized it seemed to be a gloomy parody of "The Night Before Christmas". I'll have to re-visit this episode!
vinman63 1 month ago
This Halloween episode was a little better the 2nd season with Aunt singe
Steve67 1 month ago
8/12 All guesses, Do not recall the poem and love the Addams Family
tootsieg 1 month ago
7/12. All guesses. I don’t remember the poem at all. 🎃🎃
BuckeyeBeth 1 month ago

All guesses. I remember the episode but not that there was a poem. I just tried to channel Gomez and what he might find delightful in a poem.
Tracye 1 month ago
5/12 never saw this episode so happy with the 5 lol
AllisonWunderland 1 month ago
6/12…Honestly, I have never heard of this before…??? ALL guesses 🤭
Sway AllisonWunderland 1 month ago
Me neither but you did better than I did
MrsPhilHarris 1 month ago
8/12 All guesses. I do not recall this poem. 🤔
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