Can you match these ghosts to the correct TV show?

Whether they're 'real' ghosts or just people pulling a prank, do you remember which show these goblins appeared in?


Goblins, gremlins and ghosts. These creatures and spirits that are some of the first that come to mind as Halloween time approaches. 

Ghosts, whether they are "real" or "fake" have popped into shows all across classic television. Some offered more frightening scares than others, and some of the "fake" ghosts definitely could've been put together a little better! 

No matter what the ghost or spirit looked like in its show, we want to know if you can correctly place it! 

For this quiz, it doesn't matter if the characters actually saw a ghost or just thought they saw one, everything is fair game!

Do you know what show these ghosts are from?

  1. What show does this ghost belong to?
  2. This ghost can be seen in which show?
  3. This little girl ghost is from...
  4. Several people think this man behind a two-way mirror is a ghost. What show is he from?
  5. Children from what show believe a ghost is holding this candle in the window?
  6. A "ghost" moves around this floating axe in what show?
  7. This chair begins to float thanks to a spirit in which show?
  8. Which Western is this girl ghost seen in?
  9. What show is this ghost cowboy from?
  10. A ghost from what show throws around body armor in a dungeon?

Can you match these ghosts to the correct TV show?

Your Result...

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Mob39 20 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
I’ve never seen the two shows I got wrong.
JeffPaul76 20 months ago
''You got 6 out of 10'' ----------That sure is a spooky score... but not as spooky as some of the ghosts you saw in this quiz! Better luck next time! I got 5, 6, 7 and 10 WRONG!!
Wenatchee7 20 months ago
9/10 Always happy to see a Time Tunnel question.
MikefromJersey 20 months ago
9 for 10
If you don't know the answer, always pick the series currently on MeTV.
Hey MeTV honchos, how about running the James Garner classic "Nichols".
James said it was the best thing he ever did on TV. It only ran a year but
if you show it just once a week, you can milk it for a year by showing each
episode twice.
Put tired, banal Barnaby Jones out to pasture and give a quality series a go.

JeffPaul76 MikefromJersey 20 months ago
If you want a James Garner series on MeTV, The Rockford Files is the better and best choice. Also MeTV, please see if you can get the Original Hawaii Five 0, and the Original Magnum P.I.
MikefromJersey JeffPaul76 20 months ago
MeTVPLUS runs Hawaii Five 0 every night, along with Hawaiian Eye and 77 Sunset Strip,
making for a terrific line up of adventure. It also runs Family, Route 66, Harry O (which many
rate higher than Rockford Files, though I disagree), Streets of San Francisco, and on the weekends
many Western series that only lasted one or two years but like Nichols people still clamor
to see them. Everybody here should ask the MeTV honchos why MeTVPLUS is currently
available in only a few markets, as frankly it's lineup is superior to it's big brother MeTV's.
MrBill 20 months ago
7/10; had to guess on all but a couple.
RichLorn 20 months ago
I can see right through these ghosts.
BuckeyeBeth 20 months ago

I guessed the other b&w tv show on #5 and was wrong 😕
Muleskinner 20 months ago
8/10. I didn’t have a ghost of a chance to get 10/10.
Tommygunz 20 months ago
9/10 had to guess on a couple. By the way number #8 Bonanza was the episode Twilight Town, Little Joe (Michael Landon) was robbed on the trail and his horse stolen, he wandered into this ghost town and was able to rally a scared people into defending themselves, there’s more to tell but I don’t want to spoil it for those who have never seen this episode and want to watch it.
TSeym22 20 months ago
8/10 Pretty much all educated guesses
Joe 20 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
You sent these ghosts right back to the shows they belong

BTW, #9 wasn't a cowboy but a Union cavalry officer from the Civil War.
bagandwallyfan52 20 months ago
Sgt Carter (Frank Sutton) and
GOMER PYLE (Jim Nabors ) are
Sleepwalking .
ClassicTVnut 21 months ago
6/10. Not what I would call a spooktacular score.
Dajj 21 months ago
7/10 Some I saw, guessed on others, good quiz.Hope I’ll be able to sleep now!
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