Poll: What are your opinions on all things fall?

Quick: apple orchards or pumpkin patches?


Pumpkin spice and everything nice! It's officially fall!

Time to dust off the sweaters, buy the boots and sip on a pumpkin spice latte. Whatever your fall preferences are, we want to know. See how your fall opinions match up to every else below!

  1. If you could only choose one of these fall activities, which one would it be?
  2. The weather is getting colder and the leaves are changing! What is your favorite part about the season change?
  3. Let's pretend you're having a Halloween party! Which song are you playing?
  4. What kind of pumpkin are you carving?
  5. What kind of fall food are you all in for?
  6. Now that we have our main meal taken care of, let's move on to the fall drink!
  7. With fall comes jacket and sweater weather! Pick your favorite fall fashion item:
  8. What fall and/or winter sport are you most excited about?
  9. Do you enjoy scary movies?
  10. Pick a scary movie that you'd watch right now:
  11. Add a little bit of spice! What is your favorite fall flavor?
  12. Pick a favorite Halloween candy:
  13. When you think of fall, what colors do you think of? Pick the first one that comes to mind!
  14. What is your favorite sweet treat during the fall season?

Poll: What are your opinions on all things fall?

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Amalthea 9 months ago
Autumn is my favorite season, but I tend not to like everything that everyone else does. I despise football, find hoodies uncomfortable, apples literally make me sick, I don't like pumpkin, soups, or stews, and honestly, I couldn't answer #14 because I don't like ANY of those treats. I love normal sweaters, the colors, NORMAL hot tea (NOT chai), and the colors. The one thing that I love most about autumn is the feeling of nostalgia and creativity it gives me. The easiest question for me to answer was #1, and I chose the picnic; that was how my husband proposed to me.
WilliamJorns 10 months ago
The correct name for the band who recorded "Monster Mash" is Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers. Just thought I'd point that out...
MichaelSkaggs 21 months ago
Once again, you need a none of the above line or a write-in line.
RichLorn 21 months ago
Question #3 should have an "all of the above" answer.
Charlotte 21 months ago
70%, I'm a Fall person. College football, Halloween, pumpkins & apples...I'll take it all over heat & humidity of the summer!
LalaLucy 21 months ago
52 percent. Higher than expected. Lol. Some aspects of fall are ok to me but not a big fan of colder weather, pumpkin, or any sports.
KMP50 21 months ago
I don't like fall, so the things I picked, albeit reluctantly, got me as 57% similar to the most popular responses
VAC 21 months ago
Number 8 should also have Not interested in any sports. Otherwise 72%.
Bbhawk27 21 months ago
75percent I don't like pumpkin anything lol
AlF 21 months ago
Sad to report MeTV taken off of WGBA digital broadcast TV in Green Bay.

Not enough commercials? Program quality too high? Whatever. I have no doubt it's all about the money.

Anyone want to buy a TV?

Thanks for the memories, MeTV! It's been memorable!
LoveMETV22 AlF 21 months ago
WGBA- Another of Sinclair/ Scripps Broadcasting Group channels that dropped MeTV.


Hopefully another Broadcasting Group in your area chooses to pick-up the affiliation.
vkkokich AlF 21 months ago
MeTV was dropped from our local affiliate KATU, 2 weeks ago. It's a shame, but I won't miss the "My Pillow" advertisements.
oldmoe51 21 months ago
No score maybe I’m not like anyone
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