Can you complete these Svengoolie movie titles?

If you're looking for spooky, scary and strange, look no further than Svengoolie!

There's never been a better time to be a Svengoolie fan! Throughout the month of October, MeTV is celebrating all things spooky with Svengoolie's Halloween BOOnanza!

Through the years, Svengoolie has highlighted some of the best classic horror and sci-fi films every Saturday night. How well do you know your classic horror and sci-fi film history? Well enough to fill in the blanks to these movie titles, which have been featured on Svengoolie

Take this quiz and find out! 

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Good luck! 

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  1. Attack of the Puppet _____
  2. The _____ Monsters
  3. I _____ what you did
  4. ____ of the Cobra
  5. The ____ Voyage of Sinbad
  6. The Ghost and Mr. ____
  7. The Beast From 20,000 ____
  8. The Creature ____ Among Us
  9. The ____ Fingers of Dr. T
  10. The Mad ____
  11. It Came from ____ Space
  12. Munster, Go ____!
  13. Creation of the ____
  14. Time ____
  15. ____ Without a Face

Can you complete these Svengoolie movie titles?

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JHP 7 months ago
14/15 dont see the diff from wanderer and walker

Yvette 7 months ago
14/15 - Time Walker was the only one I never heard of 🤷🏻‍♀️.
Ready2go 7 months ago
15/15 . I know my 50's sci fi. Never miss Svengoolie, reminds me of Major Mudd on Channel 7 in Boston in the 60s.
royleon 7 months ago
I wasn’t interested in svengoolie until I watched a couple episodes. Now Iam hooked. Great old time black and white movies I can sit down and watch with my grandkids without fear of foul language or naked people modern television shows have gotten so disgusting to watch especially for the young viewers. Me tv is my go to tv station Thank you.
JHP royleon 7 months ago
you and I are in the same club fer sure
Wolfwoman77 7 months ago
Hello I am a huge fan of svengoolie and my husband and our girls watch faithfully every week it's great family time
bnichols23 8 months ago
15, & when was the last time they ran this quiz?
Henry 8 months ago
Great SyFy entertainment to bring in the Halloween spirit or is it spirits? Love your show!
GeorgeSommers 8 months ago
Some other great Dan Curtis directed films I'd like to see on Svengoolie are the original "NIght Stalker" movie; "Dracula" starring Jack Palance and "House of Dark Shadows".
Moverfan 8 months ago
14/15. I know the correct title is The Ghost & Mr. Chicken...but does anybody else want to see The Ghost & Mr. Pigeon?
Dajj 8 months ago
15/15! I would luv to be throwin some chickens on Svens show!
itsGretchen 8 months ago
How fun was the special! I had a great time watching. 🎩

I very much enjoyed the hearse driver. I wish I had paid attention to who he was. He was a kick in the pants!
RichLorn 8 months ago
I got spooked on a couple.
christinalmiles 8 months ago
14 out of 15. No. 14 got me…..😢
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