Can you name these classic 'Carol Burnett Show' characters?

'Carol Burnett and Friends' will tickle your funny bone and your trivia bone.

Long before Saturday Night Live, there was Carol Burnett. The brilliant comedian shaped sketch comedy on television with her side-splitting series The Carol Burnett Show.

Over 11 seasons, Carol Burnett and her cast created countless memorable characters. However, a few of them became recurring favorites.

Today, you can catch them on MeTV in Carol Burnett and Friends, the syndicated version of those original classics. The skits were the "Church Lady" and "Wayne's World" of the 1970s. Let's see how well you remember them.

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  1. 'Mama's Family' began on 'Carol Burnett' as "The Family." What was the name of Carol's character?
  2. Mrs. Wiggins was the secretary. What as the name of the boss played by Tim Conway?
  3. Speaking on Conway, his iconic character "The Oldest Man" can even be seen in MeTV commercials. What was the Oldest Man's real name?
  4. This character appeared in animated form in the credits, as seen up top. What was her name?
  5. Few scenes in TV history have made audiences laugh harder. What were the names of these spoofs on 'Gone with the Wind' icons Scarlett and Rhett?
  6. Burnett played this eager member of the Fireside Girls.
  7. How about this parody of Shirley Temple? What was her name?
  8. Her parody of Charo was a riot. What was her name?
  9. In an ongoing soap opera spoof, Burnett played Marion of Canoga Falls. What was the name of this phony soap?
  10. This elderly woman always ended up in unfortunate situations.
  11. Finally, the two regulars of the "Ham Actor" skits were a send up of Lunt and Fontanne. What were their names?

Can you name these classic 'Carol Burnett Show' characters?

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DouglasMorris 21 months ago
8/11! missed numbers 7, 10, and 11.
DerekBird 21 months ago
You got 7 out of 11
Nice! You really cleaned up!

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ndebrabant 35 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Nice! You really cleaned up!
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