The Peabody Awards creates a whole new category just to honor Carol Burnett

Congratulations to the funniest woman in the world!

She sings, she dances, she cracks you up, and now Carol Burnett is set to receive one of television's top honors as she's at last recognized with a Peabody Award - and not just any Peabody Award at that. To capture the significance of Burnett's tremendous impact in television, they created a whole new category to give her the first-ever Peabody Career Achievement Award.

It makes sense since Carol Burnett is in a class all by herself. When asked if she could see her landmark variety program, The Carol Burnett Show, being done today, her answer was a humble and honest no. Why? Because she ran her show like it was a Broadway show, and TV simply isn't done that way anymore. Over 11 seasons and all the time since her show has aired, Carol Burnett and Friends has managed to become one of the most singular installments in TV history, and it's all thanks to the lady whose wide grin takes up practically the whole screen.

Carol Burnett's career began in 1955, but she's been a star ever since she dreamed up a fake twin sister to fool the other kids in her boardinghouse as a child. Her performance skills are top-notch and nearly untouchable, trading characters as often and as seamlessly as most people trade friendly hellos. 

She's been the brightest light on Broadway, the big screen and, of course, on TV sets everywhere, and on May 19, Burnett will finally be given an award that captures the brilliance of her career. Congratulations to the funniest woman in the world!

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