Here's what a 'Mad About You' reboot could look like, according to Paul Reiser

Would you watch the Buchmans go from newlyweds to empty nesters?

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When Mad About You debuted in 1992, it invited viewers into the home of newlyweds Jamie and Paul, who were arguably the most charmingly realistic couple we'd seen on TV since The Honeymooners or I Love Lucy. It was an instant, smash success and resonated with viewers and critics alike, with Helen Hunt winning the Emmy for Oustanding Lead Actress in a comedy series four years in a row. It was an unstoppable hit, and by its final season, both Hunt and her costar, series co-creator Paul Reiser, were paid $1 million each to reprise their roles. That's how much it meant to NBC, but for fans, the show's enduring humor and its stars' undeniable chemistry remained priceless.

So it should surprise exactly no one in this age of eternal reboots that a revival of Mad About You is on the table. According to, Reiser and Hunt have been involved in talks with Sony to bring Mad About You back. If it happens, it would be a limited run, which means unlike many reboots that try to capitalize on recapturing old TV magic by regurgitating old plots, this one would actually pick up where Mad About You left off. And the plot that Reiser has proposed is actually one that fans of the original series will likely really get behind.

As Reiser told People earlier this year, his idea is to take his newlyweds full circle and find the Buchmans as they embark upon the next phase in their family life: empty nest syndrome. You see, it just so happens that in the 18 years since the show went off air, there's been exactly enough time for newborn Mabel to grow up and get to the point where she's ready to go off on her own, leaving Jamie and Paul to climb over a new hurdle in their married lives. It's the perfect plot point for the show, which dependably handled every hiccup in the Buchmans' home life with abundant hilarity.

Now all there's left to do until the show is confirmed is imagine all the guest stars Mad About You could mine today. Comedy greats like Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner and Carol Burnett all won Emmy Awards for their guest appearances in the hit show, and there's plenty more funny people around today who could add to the show's long list of laugh-inducing talents.

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cperrynaples 21 months ago
There was a 2019 reboot, but it ran ONLY on an obscure cable system! The entire series including the reboot is on Amazon Prime!
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