What did these TV characters do for a living?

Your job is to ace this quiz.

Great characters make for great television. Of course, to make a great character, you need to give them both a private and professional life.

Mike Brady was a loving father and an architect. Mary Richards connected with her coworkers as a news producer at WJM-TV.

But what about this dozen of classic TV characters? Do you remember how they earned their paychecks? See if you can pick the right job. Good luck!
  1. Sam was Alice's man on 'The Brady Bunch.' What did he do for work?
  2. Norm! Here is the 'Cheers' favorite at a work party. What was his original profession on the sitcom?
  3. Laverne and Shirley put caps on the bottles. But what did Lenny and Squiggy do at Shotz Brewery?
  4. What did Rhoda do to earn money?
  5. How about Ed Norton on 'The Honeymooners'?
  6. Gopher was a "gofer" of sorts aboard the Love Boat, but what was his official title?
  7. What about Felix Unger on 'The Odd Couple'?
  8. Who could forget Latka on 'Taxi'? What was his job?
  9. Mister Ed was a talking horse, of course, of course. What did Wilbur do for a living?
  10. Ward Cleaver was the All-American dad on 'Leave It to Beaver.' How did he bring home the bacon?
  11. What was Vinton Harper's job on 'Mama's Family'?
  12. Hey, it's Ken Berry again. He played Sam Jones on 'The Andy Griffith Show' and 'Mayberry R.F.D.' too. How did he making a living on those shows?
What did these TV characters do for a living?

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