Where the heck is Gary Conway?

You've heard of Elf on a Shelf. Now here's Burton on a curtain!


On Land of the Giants, Gary Conway's Captain Steve Burton is always shrinking down and getting into stuff. They guy just can't help it! It's in his nature to get real tiny and save the day!

Here's the thing though... We lost track of our lil' dude. It's your turn to save the day this time. You need to tell us what other classic TV shows Captain Burton snuck off to. Thanks!

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  1. Whose office is Burton perched in?
  2. Where is this hospital located?
  3. Who was at the bottom of this cavern?
  4. What show featured this beach that Burton is on?
  5. Look out Burton! Where is he now?
  6. Burton is on the hood of a car in what show?
  7. Here's Burton on a guitar. What show's this from?
  8. Uh oh! Burton's trespassing on which sitcom?
  9. How'd he do that?! Burton's in the opening credits of __________
  10. Cartoon Burton?!?!?

Where the heck is Gary Conway?

Your Result...

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Mark 10 months ago
5 out of 10...I was expecting a quiz about Gary Conway on other TV shows! Oh well...
Snickers 11 months ago
5/10. At least I got half right.
Beatseeker 11 months ago
got 3/10... mostly 'cause i never heard of that guy...!
bmoore4026 12 months ago
I got every single one of these wrong.
oldmoe51 12 months ago
Blew this one 4/10 couldn’t recognize most of these places but a lot of the shows I didn’t watch
JERRY6 12 months ago
8 of 10 not lost in space
Snickers JERRY6 11 months ago
How about a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea?
texasluva 12 months ago
For such a small guy he sure got around 🙄

6 out of 10
Peter_Falk_Fan 12 months ago
8/10 I had to guess on four of them.
ironman2000 12 months ago
7 of 10. Tricky.
marcddailey ironman2000 12 months ago
7/10. A few educated guesses and a couple of uneducated guesses. lol
Stoney 12 months ago
6 for 10. Good, challenging quiz.
frenchman71 12 months ago
7/10. Too bad Conway wasn't in more stuff. He was one of Hollywood's tough guys like Robert Conrad.
Rick 12 months ago
Hey - you made a quiz where the first western wasn't "Gunsmoke." Is that even legal?
Snickers Rick 11 months ago
You picked Gunsmoke to Huh?
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